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What are the Best Ways to Clean Pillow Covers at Home?

After working for long hours, all you need is excellent sleep. Having a soft and comfortable pillow helps you get great sleep. Taking care of the pillow and pillow covers should be a routine. Washing the pillow covers increases the life of the pillow. By covering the pillow from dirt and oils, it keeps the pillow safe. That’s why you should clean pillow covers regularly. Learning how to wash pillow covers is essential nowadays.

If you have never cleaned the pillow cover, then it is the right time. Maintaining hygiene is essential nowadays. Well, if you are willing to clean pillow covers, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to share the ways to clean pillow covers. You can get comfortable sleep after cleaning the pillow covers at home. In this post, you’ll find the methods to clean pillow covers. Learn the same and utilize your free time in washing the covers.

How to Clean Pillow Covers at Home

Cleaning pillows are not as comfortable as washing clothes. You should correctly identify the type of pillow cover. You should identify the fabric type. Choose the right surfactant and conditioner. It’s not a tedious task, but it requires your attention. Here are a few methods you should follow for cleaning the covers for pillows.

Method #1 – Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the most popular and safest method. You can dry clean almost any type of cloth. If you are confused, then dry cleaning always works. If the product label mentions “Dry Cleaning” instructions, then you should opt for Dry Cleaning. You can dry clean the pillow covers at home. Also, you can render the services from dry-cleaning stores.

You should buy the best dry cleaning solutions from the market. With the dry cleaning solutions, cleaning pillow covers becomes easier. First, apply the dry cleaning solution on the pillow cover. Then rub the pillow with a sponge or other cloth in a circular direction. The cleaning solution will clean the pillow. As it’s not water, but the chemical, it will disappear within a few minutes. So, you’re now done with the dry cleaning process.

Method #2 – Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is done with the water. Just like you wash the clothes, you clean the pillow cover. You can either use the washing machine or wash them in a bucket. If your pillow covers are white, then washing them in a bucket is helpful. Here are the exact steps to wash the pillow covers in a bucket.

  1. First of all, take the pillow covers and soak them in the water. Soak them for a few minutes.
  2. Now, add the detergent powder or the fabric shampoo in the water. Mix the detergent or shampoo well in water.
  3. After that, thoroughly rub the pillow cover. This will remove all the dirt from the cover.
  4. Once done, rewash the covers in clean water to remove the detergent.
  5. Now you are ready to dry the covers. You can use the dryer machine. Or even sun-dry the pillow covers.

Note:- Make sure not to wash different color pillow covers together. Because this will cause the white pillows to catch color from other covers.

Washing Pillow Covers at Home

So, Washing pillow covers at home is simple. All you need is little concentration on the washing process. Automation is good, but not for the pillow covers. Tossing the covers in the washing machine is convenient. But, the same causes damage to your sheets. That’s why dry cleaning and wet cleaning in a bucket is highly recommended. By following these two methods, you can clean the pillow covers.

Taking proper sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle. So, Keep your pillow covers clean and enjoy the good night’s sleep.