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Ways to Save Your Home or Office Space with uPVC Sliding Doors

When you want to make your home or office safe, energy-efficient and visually appealing, it is best to go for sliding uPVC doors. While these doors are designed for extreme weather conditions and to provide air and water tightness, these are also helpful in saving a lot of space. Let us share with you a few ways to save space by installing uPVC sliding doors.

Avoiding blockages in hallways to free up space: In hallways, where doors of multiple rooms open together, the use of sliding doors can avoid obstructions. Swing doors opening on either side can cause blockages in any corridor that is used by many people together, as their swing restricts the space. The same may be the case when several wardrobes open inside a narrow corridor. It may not only be an issue in a modern urban home but also in a small commercial setting like a sports lobby, restaurant corridor or office hallway.

Making narrow spaces more functional: At the common entrance to a corridor that leads to various facilities, it is best to go for sliding uPVC doors that improve the functionality and save space for a smoother movement of people and objects. For example, sliding doors can free up space if some large machines or equipment have to be moved through the common door. Similarly, there are always narrow spaces where many bathroom doors may open. People may be hitting each other or the objects around. However, saving the space using sliding doors will help in avoiding collisions and make space airier. This is because the dead space of such doors is along the wall.

Creating visual space with use as balcony doors: The use of sliding doors in India can be commonly observed in urban homes where they are used as separators between balconies and bedrooms or living rooms. Mostly, urban homes are short of visual space that can be easily created by the use of transparent sliding doors. While you can avoid the dead space, these doors will also connect the outdoors to an internal room, which further makes the balcony and room space appear wider and longer in dimensions. The additional benefit is that you can easily have a beautiful outside view from indoors.

Hides additional features to make the place more spacious: You can even use sliding doors to hide kitchenettes inside rooms, as well as features like workstations in an office. These doors act as camouflage while they also add to the beauty of the space. Thus, the same space can become more spacious to accommodate multiple features. Sliding doors will ensure the privacy of people at their workstations and hide the cooking space in an elegant manner. These doors are great to allow easy clean-ups.

Thus, the sliding uPVC doors can be very helpful when you have to allow easy access at a crowded place or make some confined space multi functional.

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