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How to track your daughter’s FB messenger with a messenger spy app?

Social networking apps these days are favorite and free communication platforms for everyone. However, young teenagers have become obsessed with social messaging apps no time ever before. The cell phones connected to the internet are the biggest root cause of the obsession of social media apps among teenagers. Moreover, FB messenger is the most popular instant messaging app over the years of teens and kids. They used to spend hours and hours on messenger and do plenty of activities to stay in contact with friends, family and many others.

 Teenagers are used to doing text messages, text conversations, shared multimedia, audio-video calls, and last but not least voice messages. Parents these days are desperately want to track their daughter’s Facebook messenger. However, they have to get their hands on a technological tool to get the job done. We have tested fully a tech –tool that can easily enable parents to monitor their daughter’s FB using a messenger spy app.

How to get Facebook messenger spy software?

Now the question arises on how parents can get their hands on the tool that we have discussed earlier. In my opinion, they should go for TheOneSpy mobile spy. It will provide plenty of tools to parents to monitor every activity happen on the FB messenger with a complete time stamp. Therefore, they need to visit the official page of the mobile monitoring software. Let’s get to know how to get their hands on and further how to use it on your daughter’s cellphone to monitor the messenger.

Install cell phone tracking software

There are following mentioned steps that can help you out to get tool of mobile phone surveillance app and further you will get to know how to install it on the teens mobile.

Step1: Get an instant subscription from the web

Parents just need to use their cellphone device and connect it with the internet. Now use the web browser and search for mobile spying software. Once you have got access to the phone tracking app then get the license or subscription and you will receive an email alongside the credentials such as password and ID.

Step2: Get Physical access to your daughter’s mobile

Now you need to have your daughter’s mobile device in your hands for a while and when you have got it then start the installation process instantly. Furthermore, complete the process of installation successfully and then activate it on the target device.

Step3: Activate web control panel by using identification

Now it is the best and ideal time to recall the password and ID to activate the electronic web portal. Once you have the access to the online dashboard you need to get access to the messenger spying software tools. This will help out parents to spy on your daughter’s FB messenger and you will get to know all the activities they have performed on their cell phone installed social messaging app.

Use FB messenger spy app tool to track messenger’s daughter

Live screen recording

You can use the online control panel and further you can go the features and just need to activate the screen recorder app. It will instantly start recording a short video of the screen back to back and send the recording to the dashboard. Furthermore, you can get access to the web portal and you can see all video recordings and you will get to know what sort of activities your daughters have done on the Facebook messenger.

IM’s social media

Now you can remotely get access to your daughter’s cell phone installed instant messaging apps and further you can get the logs including FB. Parents can get the logs of social messaging apps such as messages; chats, audio-video call logs, photos, videos sharing, and last but not least the logs of voice messages.


Now use the online dashboard where you can schedule multiple screenshots at once and send it on the target cell phone device. It will start capturing screenshots in a series at the time when your daughter is active on Facebook messenger and send screenshots to the dashboard.


Parents can use a cell phone tracking app on your daughter’s mobile and you will easily track FB messenger and get to know about all the activities happen on the instant messaging app.

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