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How to Move Your Plants to Your New Home: 8 Pro Tips!

For many people, house plants are the first love, who loved them back silently. No wonder moving to a new location gets very challenging with the thought of leaving these green friends behind. Or uprooting them only to find them dead in the new place, much before they could be re-potted. After all, years of love go into the flourishing of these living soothing lives. 

Read this blog to end your dilemma on their transportation and preparing straight away for their safe removal to the new location. 


Consider healthy pruning which would also make them carrying easy. This process also enlivens them. The process would remove the dust sitting on them and also a load of brown and soon-to-be-dead leaves.


Since you need these plants to be high health, water them as needed. This would also help in putting them in plastic pots. Just remember not to overdo as it may kill it much before reaching the destination.


Try not to move in too hot or too cold weather as the stress of uprooting and transportation to a new location is enough. Such weathers can severely damage them in long hours of exposure. If the move has to be made, make sure extra care has been taken.

Uproot and re-pot: 

Either you have house plants in fashionable ceramic or metal pots or the garden; you would need to uproot them both if you intend to carry them. For this, hydrate them sufficiently as already highlighted in the above point to make uprooting easy. Keep as much soil around the roots as possible. Best would be to wrap the roots in a wet towel before planting in plastic pot or wrapping in a plastic sheet.


This is a follow-up point from the above. If packing them separately, make sure to tie the branches and greens slightly to reduce stress as much as you can. Also, use waste papers and bubble wrap intelligently to not get them damaged while transportation. You can also increase weight at the bottom. Label the boxes generously with “FRAGILE”, “LIVE PLANTS” and “THIS SIDE UP” stickers so that extra care is taken 


Best is to carry them along with you in the temperature-controlled car even if that may require multiple trips. If they stay pink in health, the trips would be worthwhile. If that’s not possible for some reason, like the number or size of the plant, let your mover know and arrange for the same as carefully as they can.


When Removals in Ashford are still under discussion, present the concern to your surveyor or the company representative. Moreover, you might void your contract with them if you pack the greens and let the transporter carry these without his knowledge. Don’t rely on them without elaborate discussion since many companies straight away deny carrying plants for the possible liability and law in some countries. And thing brings us to our next point. 

Know the law: 

Sometimes laws can be strange and other times they can be purely hurting, like if they don’t allow for a certain variety of plants in their boundaries and thus ecology for various reasons like pest or weed or something else. Know these beforehand to avoid getting into legal troubles as soon as you are in your novel surroundings. Check with customs if it’s a new country; and local botanical/agricultural department. 


As soon as possible plant them in the new location to let them get acquainted with their new surroundings. We understand that it would be hectic for you schedule re-planting before reaching to unpack your things but it’s very crucial for your plants. The step couldn’t be much emphasized.

I hope the blog helps!

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