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How to Choose Optimum Lighting System for Your Hotel

The way human beings are affected by light can make a difference in their overall health and well-being. Hotel owners should be well aware of the way that light can make people feel, and they make sure that their lighting is just right.

People should hire professionals like electrician North Shore for lighting fixtures or get the right advice on what to do to make it just right. Lighting Is More Than Just Light Bulbs!

When people think about lighting a room, they often just think of things like lamps. However, hotel lighting may involve more than just lamps, but a rather complicated system that involves not only the lobby and restaurant but also any room that the guests have access to.

Other than providing light for people to read and watch television by, lighting systems for hotels can actually do a lot more for people than they realize, and here is more information on what else lighting can do for people:

1. Adjustable Illumination in Room

People check into hotels for a number of different reasons, including vacations or just a place to sleep for one night. When people go into hotels, they may not give much thought to the lighting that is in that building. However, hotel lighting is important, especially for people who stay in hotels a lot.

The lighting in hotels can be made soft or harsh, depending on what the situation is, and the light levels can also make the guests feel more comfortable about being away from home.

2. Well Lit Public Space and Corridors

Hotels need good lighting. The atmosphere, comfort, and security all depend on well-lit public spaces, halls, and corridors. But lighting can account for 25% of a hotel’s electricity usage, so forward-thinking hotels are looking at energy-saving lighting alternatives.

To install the right electrical fixtures in hotel rooms, halls, and corridors, etc., you should take the help of a reliable electrician in your area like the electrician of Sydney North Shore.

3. Energy-Saving Lighting Fixtures

The forefront of new energy-saving technology is tougher and longer-lasting than any previous lighting solution. Plus, the newer technology lighting fixture is 1000 percent more efficient than the old incandescent bulbs. This can substantially reduce electricity usage and cut costs, which is great for business and also great for reducing your carbon footprint.

4. Install Colorful Lighting Fixtures

Up until recently, lighting fixture had its disadvantages for general use. There were only limited options for general lighting, and the bulbs had fewer color variations, they weren’t available in all the various sizes and lights didn’t have the full range of dimming capabilities.

However, huge improvements in technology over the last couple of years now mean that colorful lighting fixtures can be installed in almost any lighting situation, and new lighting systems can be used with existing dimming systems very efficiently. The colorful lighting fixture can make any hotel look more attractive.

5. Install LED Fixtures for Low Maintenance

A side benefit of LED lighting that also saves money is the reduction in maintenance costs. Typically the old style light bulbs would need changing once a year or even more often. With the number of bulbs in use in a single hotel, that is a lot of man-hours spent by your maintenance team, just changing light bulbs.

Call a specialist like 24-hour North Shore electrician and replace all old lighting fixtures with a new one. All hotel owners should save the contact number of electricians who are ready to serve anytime so that they call them in case of an emergency.

6. Reduce Carbon Footprint

While CFLs (those looped light bulbs now being promoted to save electricity) are energy-saving in comparison with the old light bulbs, they do have a major disadvantage when it comes to their overall carbon footprint, in that they use mercury inside the bulbs.

This can be a major cause of pollution if they are not disposed of correctly, or even if they break and need clearing up in situ. LEDs help your carbon footprint in this respect, too, as they do not contain mercury.

Lasting so much longer, they also reduce the amount of waste you are sending for disposal or recycling. Changing over a whole hotel to LED’s can be a major investment, as the initial expenditure is considerably more than for CFLs or other older lighting types.

7. Take Help of Professionals

As with any new technology, it makes sense to seek out specialists who offer quality products that live up to the marketing. There may well be cheap alternatives on the market, but these are unlikely to deliver the savings and life-span of the genuine latest technology lighting fixture.

Therefore, call a specialist like an electrician lower North Shore who can guide you about the optimum lighting system and advise on the best options for your specific hotel spaces, both from a cost-cutting point of view and as far as lighting the space in the best possible way.