10 Simple Life Hacks to boost your happiness
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10 Simple Life Hacks to boost your happiness

Happiness can be both simple and complicated. We really enjoy the time when we are happy but when we don’t feel happy, we start searching for happiness. It’s not easy to stay happy most of your time. But there are some small things that can make a big difference in your life. If you really want to be happy you need to pay attention to these things. Here are some best hacks for happiness that will truly help you to unlock a happy and meaningful life.

Spend money on experience, not things

Yes, it’s true that money can’t buy happiness but spending your money on a wonderful and joyful experience rather than any expensive thing is truly worth it. Spending money on experiences is one of the best ways to invest in yourself. The experience you’ll get will last lifelong and it will be in your best memories.

Help others whenever you get a chance

This might sound weird but do you know researches have shown that spending money on other people boost your happiness more than spending on yourself. Most millionaires and billionaires use some of their time to help others because it gives them happiness and  a feeling of satisfaction.

Helping others does not always mean that you have to spend money on them. Help can be in any form. You can emotionally support anyone or mentally motivate anyone or you can give some of your time to someone who needs it. It will really give you a feeling of satisfaction.

Don’t use your cellphone too much

Research has shown that using your cellphone frequently is associated with a higher level of anxiety and reduced happiness. Yes, it’s true that your smartphone can kill your happiness. Smartphones can ruin your happiness in many ways like you got trapped in a virtual world and don’t care about the real world. You often start comparing on social media etc. So, put down your cell phone and focus on what really matters. It will surely help you to be happy.


It is very important to have focus and clarity in life. Happiness is also associated with the quality of your thoughts. In order to feel positive about yourself, you need to confront your negative thoughts and stay positive in every situation. Meditation is the best way to bring clarity and self-awareness into your life. When you meditate, you understand your inner self better. It will help you to bring happiness and peace into your life.

Practice gratitude

Gratitude is being thankful for all small and big things in our life. It is one of the most important values of life. It is very important to be thankful for every small thing in your life. You’ll see your level of happiness rising high when you focus on your blessings and feel blessed for every small thing. There are many things that we have but others don’t and we really need to feel fortunate about those things. While you wish for the things you won’t don’t forget to show gratitude towards everything you have now. It’s not a very complicated thing to do but practicing gratitude on a daily basis can really enhance your happiness.

Stay away from negative people

Negative people have a problem for every solution. They drag you down to their level. You need to get rid of such people. Anyone who makes you feel inferior and you start questioning your self-worth is toxic for you. You feel very negative when you are surrounded by such types of people and they don’t let you be yourself. They just want you to feel negative just like them. So, stay away from such kinds of people and you’ll start feeling happier. Instead of being around negative people, learn to enjoy your own company.

Give yourself the “Me Time

The time you spend alone helps you to understand yourself. Spend some time alone and do something you really love like watching movies, reading books or playing games. Solitude helps you to be more creative and you’ll start loving yourself. You don’t need to be surrounded by people every time, give yourself”me time “. It really helps to boost your happiness.

Hang out with family and friends.

Yes, It’s important to spend some time alone but it’s also important to spend time with people who make you smile more. Don’t forget to spend time with people with whom you feel loved and blessed.

When you are surrounded by such loving people your mind releases a feel-good chemical called dopamine and you feel more happy. So, spend time with your loved ones whenever you get a chance.

Practice Self-acceptance

One more important thing to be happy is accepting yourself as you are. Don’t strive to be someone else. Be satisfied with yourself. It’s okay to have flaws, nobody is perfect. When you try to be someone else, you are ruining your happiness. Research has also shown that self- acceptance is one of the happiness habits. So, be satisfied with yourself and accept yourself as you are. It will help you to boost your self esteem as well as your happiness.

Don’t let the fear of society kill your happiness

Living in society doesn’t mean we have to give all our control in society’s hands. Living in society does not relate to depending on the society for your emotions.

How to overcome the fear of others?

The core and common problem is fear of society. The simple solution for it is to be isolated for a while. And then when you show up to your old buddies, you will not be the same old you. You will be confident and changed.

Learn to say No without explanation and without blaming on another person or situation

Usually, while saying no to the things, we intend to blame our parents or other situations. Whilst to some extent it works, but to some extent, it directly means you want to go but your parents or guardians are not allowing you. In this scenario, you remain answerable to all the tricks that they will ask you to perform against your parents or guardians.

To avoid this, be firm on your answer and avoid mentioning the reason. If you have to give some reason, take the whole responsibility on yourself. Tell them, you would have loved to attend, however, the conditions are not in your favor and you cannot fix them any sooner.

To avoid the situations, again and again, be isolated from the people you are denying to go with.

Know the need of saying No

It is very much clear that you won’t say no to your near and dear ones. You will be worried about the ones who are that dear to you. Had they been dear to you, you can talk to them directly. In case you are not able to talk to them frankly, the relation is not close. Hence the need office No.

Why worry about the people who seem to be dear but are not!

Know yourself and your life better

Once things are clearer, you don’t start worrying. You start accepting and being happy. When you know your happiness is within you, you stop chasing it and start being it. For the same purpose, you need to know yourself.

To know yourself and your life, you need to meditate, invest in yourself, spend some quality time with yourself, track your day, know the things that hurt you and who controls that, know your strengths and weakness.

Once you start knowing yourself, you will start being aware of the things that hurt you and make you worry about it. The solution you are seeking outside will come to you in isolation.

Bottom Line

Isolation and being low-key is the key to living more. To live more and worry less, no one else but you are responsible. Unless you take all the controls of your emotions in your hands, you will go crazy by others’ will.

Let us know in the comments below, the situations that make you worried. And how long did it take to deal with the same? Did you realize the worry was worth-less? What will you do not repeat the same?

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