What Are The Various Myths Relating To Kitchen Renovation?
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What are The Various Myths Relating to Kitchen Renovation?

Are you looking for a kitchen renovation? Do you believe in myths surround your kitchen renovation? Many of the things said about kitchen renovation are untrue. Some of the myths have been busted by people, while others are still afloat in the market.

The Kitchen renovation truth

The kitchen is the most important place in your house and becomes more important when inviting your family and friends for dinner. If you are thinking of remodelling your kitchen, you can look up various innovative ways and get started with your work.

Avoid the myths and focus on your remodelling plan. If you are in Ireland and falling short of funds, you can get legit loans for bad credit online and fund your kitchen renovation.

Myths about kitchen remodelling

  • Kitchen remodelling holds no value

It is the biggest myth about kitchen remodelling. If your kitchen is updated and renovated, it adds a lot of value to your house and increases its value. If you are preparing to sell your dwelling, you can sell it for a higher profit.

  • Kitchen renovation is way too expensive

This is also a myth that scares and stops many people from renovating their kitchens. You can remodel your kitchen according to your budget and get whatever you want. Everything is available in every budget.

  • Look out for cheaper products 

Although you have to stay within your budget, do not go for cheaper things that look fancy but do not work. Only buy things that are of good quality and work for a long-lasting duration.

  • You can manage on your own for your kitchen renovation 

Yes, you can manage independently, but you need an expert who will guide you with all the fittings and other related stuff. Mostly, it is advising to hire an expert and let the takeover in what they do best.

  • Leave it on the pros and relax 

You should always buy stuff that suits your kitchen well. Do not put in your interior designing skills and choose what is best suitable for your kitchen.

  • While renovating, consider only the style aspect 

While renovating your kitchen, you should consider every aspect, i.e. styling, durability, functionality etc. Do not just look for the style. Be practical, and you can get it done in a better way.

  • You have to shell out more for an eco-friendly kitchen 

Although it does cost more if you are working on your kitchen in an eco-friendly way, it does not make a hole in your pocket. In the long run, Eco-friendly kitchens cost less; hence they balance out your costs.

  • Keep following the trends 

Do not follow trends. Follow your heart and look at what is feasible for you. Running after the trends can cost you more than your budget. Hence, go as per your budget and needs.

  • Change everything

Do not throw out everything. Do not go by the thought of getting rid of everything. Keep things that are suitable and are useful. Throwing everything out will make you start from scratch.

  • Kitchen renovations take a lifetime to finish 

It is wrong. If you prefer the right people and they conduct you greatly, it is a matter of some months. It takes lesser time and can finish off well in time.

  • Paint is the ultimate solution 

There may be cracks in your kitchen but hiding them with the paint is not the solution. Get the cracks fixed instead of painting over them.

  • You do not need a kitchen renovation

Several people understand that there is no time in preparing your kitchen refurbished. But like mentioned earlier, kitchen renovations, if done right, add a lot of value to the house.

They can make your residence sell for a further premium price. Also, it will address your life much more comfortable in terms of functionality and sanitation.

  • Kitchen renovation will mess up your house. 

If your kitchen renovation goes appropriately, it will clean up your house and make things convenient for you.

  • You need an interior designer 

I’m afraid that’s not right. There is no need for an interior designer to renovate your kitchen. You can work on your dream kitchen on your own and can work on your ideas.

  • You need renovation permission 

If you are planning to extend your kitchen, only then do you need permission. Otherwise, you do not need permission to renovate your kitchen.

  • The modern kitchen is a must 

It is no rule that renovation means a modern kitchen. It is your judgement as to how you require your kitchen. If you prefer a rustic look, you can get it done in that way.

  • The bigger, the better 

It is not the case every time. You can manage with a smaller kitchen as well. It is up to you how you require maintaining your kitchen.

  • You should get your kitchen renovated before moving in 

Some people are of opinions that get your kitchen renovation before you move in. This will make it easier for you to have a fully functional kitchen while you move into your house.

But you can get it renovated while staying there also. It is not a rule to get it remodelled while staying away from your house.

  • Granite should be the choice 

Many people think of granite. But several others disagree. You can do your comprehensive investigation and make a notified determination.

  • Do not waste your resources on fancy fittings 

Not all fancy features are expensive. Some may fancy components and fittings are not costly and more helpful in the kitchen. So do not go by the myth and find fittings that are suitable to you in every sense.


Looking at the above myths, you should be relieved as they are not the right way to get your kitchen renovated. Do not fall under false impressions and get your kitchen remodelled in the best possible way.

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