Maintaining A Clean And Tidy House With Kids Around
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Maintaining a clean & tidy house with kids around

Having a clean and tidy house with kids around may sound challenging. Well, here are some tips to help you maintain a clean and presentable house. 


You may find it difficult to keep a house in good shape when cluttered with things that no longer have a purpose to serve or hardly have any emotional attachment to.   

Start with getting rid of things that are broken, or you longer need them. Then, donate items such as toys, cribs, baby accessories, etc. You will find that keeping a clean house will be a lot easier after decluttering.


Now that you’ve decluttered, find storage for things you have. You may consider storing similar items together. For example, organize the toys together, baby dresses together, tiny items like socks and bottom wears together, etc.

Remember, have a place for everything and put things back in their place. 

Shop for storage baskets

The easiest way to organize your home is by using baskets, bins, and storage containers in every room.

Use laundry baskets or bins to collect dirty clothes in every room. For example, place a basket in the living room and your child’s bedroom where they can put their toys after they play. Having baskets allows you to quickly collect the stuff around and return it to its place when you’re free.

You might also consider investing in multi-purpose storage containers or furniture that features storage.

Put up a cleaning schedule

It’s essential to create a cleaning schedule when you have little kids to keep your house clean. You will be able to accomplish more in less time and find it less stressful by breaking down the cleaning process into simple tasks.

Make sure that your cleaning schedule is realistic and efficient. Do not attempt to complete all of the cleaning and tidying in one day. Instead, stay flexible with your schedule. Spending just 15-20 minutes on a house cleaning schedule, you’ll have a clean and organized house consistently. 

You may plan your cleaning schedule as follows:


  • Do the Laundry
  • Vacuum the carpets


  • Clean master room
  • Clean the kid’s room


  • Organize files & folders
  • Sort and manage mails and parcels


  • Shop toiletries
  • Clean Guest and kid’s bathrooms
  • Organize drawers


  • Mop floors
  • Clean chimneys


  • Deep cleaning – Kitchen
  • Stock up on groceries


  • Organize kids essentials for the week
  • Clean pet room

The Two-minute rule 

 According to a famous saying, if it takes less than two minutes, then do it now. So make sure you do it right away and do not procrastinate. For example, make your bed soon after you wake up. Doing so will leave you with a sense of achievement. Similarly, wiping the countertops after cooking, putting the sauces and other spices back in the fridge and shelves after use will save the spills and help you maintain a clean and tidy kitchen effortlessly.  

Engage your partner and kids

You don’t have to do it all alone. Consider getting help from your husband, kids, dog and everyone else involved. You need to pitch them in and make them understand how important keeping the house clean is.

Get help from your kid’s little hands; you may instruct them in organizing their toys and books. Have your husband wash the dishes and help you clean the kitchen every night or the other. 

Hire Help

You may consider hiring cooks and maids every month or two to do a deep clean. Especially if you have little children to take care of, it will save you time and energy.

Clean as you use

With little children around, preparing dinner and maintaining a clean kitchen can be challenging. However, cleaning the kitchen as you cook may help you save time while maintaining a clean kitchen.  

For example, put the plates, glasses, peeler and knives in the dishwasher once you are done using them. Next, remove food scraps and trash. Finally, give a quick counter wipe after use.

Cleaning up as you cook is one habit to maintain a neat and presentable kitchen.

Have an empty sink

You may consider washing dishes as soon as you use them, instead of piling them into the sink.

It may not seem like a big deal when you have a lot to do, but taking the extra 2 minutes to wash the cereal bowls and spoons from breakfast can be extremely helpful.

Clean Bathrooms regularly

 Having clean bathrooms may require a lot of effort. But, with regular clean-ups, you’ll save time and energy while also avoiding the hassle of having to deal with stubborn stains. 

Hang a squeegee and ensure to wipe down the showerheads, taps, tub, walls and mirror after a bath. You may also consider making it a rule that the last one to get into the shower cleans up. Clean and sanitize the counters and toilet seats regularly. Use an air freshener for a nice smelling bathroom.