Taking Care of Your Heating System During Summer
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How to take care of your heating system in the summer?

It’s your heating system that keeps you warm during the cold, fizzy months. But what about the time when the weather turns that balmy? We tend to forget about that heating system, as we don’t require it, then. And what after that. We again try to put it on during the coming autumn, when we find its’ not operating right. That might leave you quite disappointed and surprised, as you were aware that it worked fine the last winter.

So.let us find out what can make your heating system go sick, even after the summer break, and the different ways, you can prevent it.

Don’t let your Heating System Go for a long Sleep: Forgetting about your heating system and keeping it dormant for the long 4-5 months might cause unnoticed complications in it. Being inactive and cold for such a long time can make your furnace a good shelter for spiders and insects, which might even damage the system.Also.if you have water present in the system, it might condense inside it, creating rust. Even if there is no water, soot formation might occur and also corrode the system. Moreover, never forget, that metals do get affected due to the temperature change. So, it’s the same with the metal components of the boiler, which might seize and break when we first try to switch it on in autumn. But thats’, ‘s not the right time to work on such issues as that’s when the gas engineers are mostly busy.
So it’s better for you to make use of the summer season to get everything alright with your system. At least once a month during this season, make your furnace work for 15 minutes and wait until it warms up the radiators. This will help you to easily find out the issues with your heating system.

Take Care of the Issues Beforehand: If you find your heating system showing signs of repair at the end of the winter, don’t just ignore it and keep it aside. The sunny weather can make you forget about those issues. But as you forget the issue and delay the repair, it can make you face surprise repair expenses in the fall. It’s wiser if you can make use of the summertime to find out those issues. Not only because it is the quieter time for the heating engineers. But you can also be well ensured of a safe start for the coming winter.

Get Professional Service for Your Heating System: Unless your heating system is just brand new, you need to get it annually serviced to maintain its warranty. Moreover, it also makes your boiler work more efficiently and cleanly. As boiler issues come up less during the hot season, gas engineers have enough time to get your heating system serviced. Also, you can get them to work at your convenient time to get the job done. As there is no heating system working at this time of the year, summer is, of course, the right time to work on your boiler issues, and also to get it replaced.

Bleed your Radiators and Ensure Cleanliness: Mostly, at the end of the summer season, it’s important that you should not forget to bleed your radiators. Here, you get the excess air go out of the system through the open valves, when the boiler circulation pump is running. This long gap of the summer months can bring unwanted air bubbles and dirt into the system, thereby corroding the system and reducing its efficiency.
Bleeding of radiators should be done quite often, where you always will not need professional help. You just need to turn on the boiler and open the valves while doing it, as you keep the circulation pump running. Better you can go through the manuals before doing it. But do keep in mind, that your furnace should require a professional cleaning before the heating months.
On a day-to-day basis, dirt can accumulate anywhere within your heating system, be it the pumps, heat exchangers, valves, pipes, radiators, or heat meters. These accumulated dirt particles will not only affect the efficiency of your furnace but also increase the repair costs and reduce its lifespan.

Get Clean Air -filters: Air Filters play an important role in determining the air quality of your place, If your furnace has got an unclean air -filter, it will not be able to filter out the pollen grains, dirt, and dust particles, present in the air. Summer is the right time to get the air -filters thoroughly cleaned, or to better get them replaced.

Set your Thermostat Right: If your heating system is on during the hot months, do keep in mind to set the thermostat temperature right. As per UK studies, the ideal thermostat temperature should be set somewhere between 18’c to 22’c. Higher you increase the temperature of the thermostat, that will be reflected more on your electricity bills. Moreover, that can make your house, suffocating and uncomfortable, if you increase the temperature too high, which you again need to lower down. As for your thermostat, it’s not right to change its temperature settings too often as it can even affect your furnace.
If you are keeping your heating turned off during summer, it’s better not to keep your thermostat working. That can just turn on your boiler with a slight fall in temperature and just add to your heating bills.

Be Assured of Your Gas Safety: If you have any issue with your furnace, which stays all summer, it can even lead to dangerous hazards. Over that, if you have dirt and dust in the system, it will not only affect the air quality but can also cause leakages in the system. If for any chance, you are not getting your boiler serviced before the fall, do keep a working carbon monoxide detector at your home. That can help you to detect any CO gas leakages and be safe.

Though it will be easy to detect the poisonous gas through the help of the detector, it can not protect you from any fire explosions or hazards. So it is crucial to get your heating system, thoroughly cleaned and serviced before the heating months. Moreover, summertime in Uk is uncertain, it might be sunny one day, but then cold and rainy the other day. Better to keep your heating system, well maintained to give you the best service, when you require it.

So if you have suspected an issue with your boiler, or it’s a boiler replacement you want, you can make the best use of the hot season. To get the peace of mind of having an effectively operating heating system at your home, contact a professional gas engineer from F.A.S Plumbing & Heating Ltd.