How To Clean An Area Rug To Make It Appear As New As Ever?
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How to clean an area rug to make it appear as new as ever?

Area Rug Cleaning

Are rugs are a simple accessory that forms a major aspect of home décor. They revamp the appearance of your rooms effortlessly with their exquisite design & vibrant colors. Additionally, rugs are known to trap pollutants like dust, dirt, allergens in the air. Hence they demand timely area rug cleaning services to maintain them in an immaculate state enduringly. A professional area rug cleaning will help enhance the texture of the rug & reverse the damaged rug has suffered. Rug owners are highly suggested to seek expert help at least twice a year to maintain rugs flawlessly.

Why hiring a professional area rug cleaner necessary?

Picking the finest rug to spruce up your home/office décor is one thing and maintaining it is another. Regardless of what kind the rug is, they are expensive and therefore should be treated by skilled experts only. Area rug cleaners are not only trained but also experienced in cleaning all types of rugs including antique, Persian, Oriental, woolen, silk, Navajo & Tibetan rugs as well. Furthermore, experts carry apt solutions &  tools that help derive desired outcomes from the area rug cleaning services.

What do experts do in area rug cleaning services?

Rug cleaning & restoration is a process that is customized depending upon different factors. While there are multiple ways of cleaning area rug experts highly prefer the hot water extraction method for effective & full-proof area rug cleaning.

The process of rug clean-up is as follows:

Inspection &  pick up-, To begin with experts carefully inspect the rug from all sides for damages like mold growth, holes, stains, etc. inspection helps quote a price & decide what tools and solutions will be used in the process. When the area rug cleaners and clients come to mutual terms the rug is taken to the workshop for cleaning purposes.

Dry soil removal-  The next step is to extract all the dry soil, debris, pollens, pet dander, and dust lying deep inside the fabric using a high-suction vacuum cleaner. Expert tools are upgraded as per industry standards and high-tech; so they serve better results.

Treatment- A cleansing surfactant is applied all over the rug as per the damage; for instance stain removal for stains, mold exterminator for mold growth, and so on. Now that the dirt, dust & soils are extracted cleansing detergents easily seep into the fabric. The solution is allowed to sit for some time as it enables. deep- cleaning; it is completely organic and child & pet safe.

Hot water extraction – A steamer is then applied to the rug; the heat is mild and does not ruin the fibers of the rug. this method of hot water extraction for area rug cleaning helps exterminate germs completely, eliminates dirt from the fibers brings the rug’s original shine texture back. Steam cleaning rugs especially during flood water damage or mold dust mite influx is the only way to get rid of them.

Rinsing- Now that the experts are satisfied & sure that contaminants are eliminated they use clean water to rinse the rug. Rinsing is an important step of area rug cleaning service as it helps get away with chemical residues & other remains that could cause dry rots or deteriorate the fabric.

Dehumidifying- Drying plays a pivotal role in averting damage to the rug hence area rug cleaners use dehumidifiers to dry rugs swiftly. Experts keep a tab of moisture levels & treat the scantiest of humidity without any delay to prevent dust mites, mold growth & other pests.

Grooming- Finally, the rug is repaired in case it has minor damages like burn scars, holes, or loose fringe. A conditioning solution is applied to the rug to nourish its fibers in case they suffered minor damages during scrubbing & cleaning.

Sanitization & delivery-  Area rug cleaning services also include the scotch-guarding technique; in this process, a solution is sprayed that coats all the fibers of the rug with a scotch-guarding solution. This solution prevents stain absorption, mold growth & other pests like moths from feeding on rugs fabric. Later on, the rug is delivered to its respective owners and a final check is conducted for client satisfaction.

Basic area rug cleaning & maintenance tips:

  •  Vacuuming every alternate day or every week to extract dirt & dust temporarily is necessary. Rug owners should make sure they remove the beater bar while vacuuming & empty the vacuum pouch before vacuuming for it to give better results.
  •  Place rugs away from humidity & if they are being exposed to sunlight keep rotating them to avoid sun-fading in the long run.
  • Keep pets & children away from the rug to prevent food spills, holes, and other accidents. Also, brush rugs gently to extract pet dander.
  • Treat moisture on rugs promptly and make sure you hire area rug cleaners & craftsmen in case you notice stains or damages.

Area rug cleaning is a priority of the contemporary world; rug owners should plan a schedule depending upon the foot traffic for rug clean-up. The rug is a source of comfort, sophistication & warmth for it to survive for long time rug owners should hire professional area rug cleaning services at least twice a year. Take good care of rugs for your mental & physical well-being and to experience a tranquil environment at home.