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How to Choose the Best Pet-Friendly Robotic Vacuum?

Whether you have a dog or cat, one thing is certain: they shed a lot, especially when they’re young. To prevent a furry home from accumulating, it’s the wisest decision to invest in the best pet-friendly robotic vacuum. This blog will look at 8 ways of keeping vacuuming to a minimum.

A robotic vacuum is one of the most effective ways to de-fur your home without you investing time and effort in your cleaning duties. These vacuums do a pretty decent job of keeping hard surfaces free of fur.

There are multiple robotic vacuum models in the market today. Do you know what are factors that you must definitely consider while choosing a vacuum when you have a cute little pet? If not, we are here to provide you with a detailed buying guide for a pet-friendly robotic vacuum.

5 Points You Must Consider While Buying a Pet-Friendly Robotic Vacuum

Little hairs on your carpet and floor can become a big headache if you love to keep your home clean at all times. Robotic vacuums are the best option if you do not have time but want your home to be free of pet hair.

When you making the purchasing decision for a robotic vacuum that deals well with pet hair, do not forget to keep these factors in your checklist.

  • Suction Power: The higher the suction power, the better cleaning you get. When choosing a robot vacuum for pet hair removal, it is essential to find out the suction power. Especially, if you have a carpet, make sure to choose a robot vacuum with good suction power to suck out even the thinnest pet hair.
  • Filter: When you have a family member or a visitor allergic to pets, it can be a great hassle to keep shedding under control. Robot vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA filters can solve the problem to some extent.
  • Battery Life and Charging: You don’t want to be bothered about reminders to charge the vacuum cleaner every now and then. Check out the battery life to ensure it can clean the whole house without recharging. Also, opt for self-charging robot vacuum cleaners if you often forget to charge your devices.
  • Dirt Container Size: Your pet may shed a lot of hair every day. It is essential to check whether the dirt container size of the robotic vacuum can collect and store all the pet hair in a go. Robotic vacuum cleaners usually have smaller container sizes than manual vacuum cleaners. However, most robovacs offer sufficient dirt container size to collect pet hair.
  • Brush Roll type: If you wish to vacuum your carpet, you MUST check out the brush roller type. Usually, the best robotic vacuum cleaners for pet hair have thin bristles to brush out the hair strands from carpets.

Additionally, you may check out the loudness of the vacuum cleaner if you are sensitive to noise. Also, do check out the reviews of the robovac before making the final buying decision.

Which Robotic Vacuum is best for cleaning pet hair?

ILIFE is an Indian brand that has launched a wide range of robot vacuum cleaners. You can find multiple robotic vacuums for pet hair removal in our product list. Among the top choices, ILIFE A10s robotic vacuum cleaner stands out as the best pet-friendly robot cleaner.

With Automated Vacuuming prodigy, the A10s robotic cleaner can suck out all the pet hair from your floor making your home squeaky clean. It has a suction power of 2000Pa that can clean up all the mess of pet hair. Moreover, it offers auto boost mode that can clean pet hairs from the carpet without any hassle.

The laser navigation system and multi-floor mapping features make the A10s robotic cleaner a great choice for daily vacuuming needs. Additionally, its battery life up to 100 mins and cellular dustbin with a capacity of 600 ml makes it an unbeatable match for a home with pets.

5 More Tips to win the battle of cleaning pet hair

  • Groom your pet regularly
  • Cover the favorite spots of your pet with a blanket; Wash the blanket after a regular interval
  • Schedule the robotic vacuum cleaner for cleaning when you take your pet out for a walk
  • Use rubber gloves or lint roller to clean pet hair from curtain, sofa, and cushions
  • Dampen old socks and wipe around the furniture to remove any pet hair

For everything else, the robotic vacuum cleaner will take care!

The Bottom Line

If you are sick and tired of vacuuming then you may want to consider a robotic vacuum cleaner. The best thing about ILIFE’s robot cleaner is that it cannot get stuck under furniture or have a mind of its own. They clean your floor better and do a great job of cleaning carpet and hard-floor surfaces. With a robotic vacuum, you can eradicate the most dreaded household chores from your to-do list.

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