A guide to bathroom accessories A guide to bathroom accessories
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A Guide to Bathroom Accessories

When you think about your bathroom, it is too easy to look at those finishing touches that can make or break the look and feel of your bathroom space. In this article, we explain that what tips you should consider before buying bathroom accessories.

There is a wide range of variety available in plumbing and tiling accessories, and to add coordination to your bathroom, there are many things available such as mirrors and cabinets, soap holder, designer towel rails, and stylish ways to keep your toothbrush.  

Types of bathroom accessories

  • Plumbing Accessories

Plumbing may not the most important to your bathroom but if you want to avoid leakages it is important to all in perfect working order. That’s why we supply the Bathroom products Adelaide that are easy to fit and apply.

  • Tiles, walls, and floors 

We have a wide range of varieties available for you to choose from when it comes to covering your bathroom floors and walls. Tiles are one of the most popular wall and floor coverings for your bathroom.

  • Wastes

It seems like a small detail but a change of waste or plug hole to give it an everyday name. It can give your bathroom a current bath of the basin to a stylish look. If you are thinking of plugs that should be a thing of the past then why not fit a turnover waste to your basin. It’s just a type of disc that you have to rotate to 90 degrees to open and close. An alternative to bath waste is a pop-up waste that looks amazing and you never have to replace a broken plug chain again. Our trending new launch of Concrete Basins is made from the finest concrete and has a high level of water tolerance and stain resistance.

  • Bathroom Mirrors

No bathroom is called to be complete if they don’t have a mirror or 2. They are valuable for doing the things like popping in your contact lenses and shaving, it can also give a small bathroom a great feeling of space. We have several varieties from where you choose from whether you want to store them as a bathroom necessity, to have integral lighting, or simply fit the wall.

  • Finishing Touches

Our finishing touches are exactly the items that are not much required in the bathrooms but for just telling you the extra details which makes you use your bathroom more efficiently. These include hooks and shelves, a toilet roll dispenser, and tumblers. You will also find accessories that save your space like a small towel rail. Choose carefully from the many styles available and it can add character too.

  • Shelves and Caddies

It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to add storage in your bathroom to add some bathroom shelves and caddies. We have a stock of a superb selection of bathroom shelves in different colors and glass designs. On the other hand, Bathroom caddies help store soap, shower gel, and shampoo close to the hands while taking showering or bathing.

  • Lighting

It is not strictly an accessory but your bathroom lights perform a vital function and it can be used to highlights some aspects or provide task lighting where it needs the most.

  • Bathroom TVs

Why miss out on your favorite TV shows when taking bath or shower. With our variety of waterproofs TVs, you can enjoy your entertainment programs in more relaxing surroundings.

  • Things to consider

Most of our accessories are simple to introduce in your bathroom but more complicated while fitting or installing it.

  • Tiling

Tiling can have a great effect on your bathroom if it is done well. But there are some skills needed to cut down the tiles perfectly to fit awkward areas and there are clean edges like when you tile over a windowsill. Call the professionals if you are not sure and confident that you will do a good job.

  • Fitting of lighting, extractor fans, and illuminated mirroring

You have to call a qualified professional if you want to do lighting and extractor fan because it will have to be connected to your home’s main electricity. Same in the case of illuminating mirrors you choose needs the main connection, though an alternative to that one is going for LEDs mirror as it runs on AA-size batteries and safe to install by anyone.  

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