House Can Have Low Water Pressure
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11 Reasons Why Your House Can Have Low Water Pressure

Imagine a hot, tiring day when you are planning to have a relaxing, long shower and you find just some water dribbling out of the showerhead. Isn’t that quite frustrating?

You come out of the washroom feeling even more tired and irritated. Moreover, keeping pace with your daily busy routine turns out to be very difficult when the water pressure is low. As you can find your dishwasher and washing machine taking hours to fill in, or you struggle to rinse the shampoo out of your hair with the little water flow, this problem just eats up most of your valuable time.

But what you need to see is whether this issue is with all the faucets in the house or for just a few or one.
Some people ignore the fact that a single tap or shower head in their house is not giving optimum flow of water. But here are the reasons why this issue can happen:

1. Clogged Aerators: If the flow of water is very low from a particular faucet in your house, the problem might be with the aerators. Being placed on the faucet fixtures, the aerators are meant to control the flow of water through the fixtures. But as they get clogged because of more mineral deposits on them, the normal flow of water from the tap gets hindered.
Depending on the condition of the aerator, a plumber can either clean or replace the aerators to make your taps give out a normal flow of water.

2. Broken Fixtures: As the dirt and minerals in the water can clog the aerators, that can also eventually break the fixtures. So if the fixture is broken for any reason, the water flow for that particular tap, shower,tub, or toilet will go slow.

3. Leakages: Find out if there is any leakage on the pipe. It might not affect the normal flow of water for all the faucets in your house, in the first place, but just anyone in particular.

Now, if you notice that the low water pressure is for all the faucets and showerheads in your house, it turns out to be a big issue. There is a number of reasons for which water pressure can go down, few of them have been discussed below:

1. Hard Water Deposits: With time, the mineral deposits from hard water accumulate in the different parts of plumbing fixtures, faucet aerators, and pipes. The more these deposits build up in size, the more it hinders the flow of water. Apart from the size of the build-up, it also depends on its location on how much the water pressure will go down.

2. Main Shut-off Water Valve: Normally the main shut-off water valves are located on the perimeter of the house or outside the house facing the street. Water enters the house, mainly through this valve, and plumbers tend to close it provided it’s required for their job. For any reason, if that valve is kept closed or is not opened properly, it will disrupt the normal flow of water.
So, if your house water pressure goes low, after the completion of any plumbing job, you need to check the main shut-off valve whether it’s open or not.

3. Water Pressure Regulator: As the name suggests, this device helps in regulating the pressure of water through the taps in your house. A defective pressure regulator might decrease or increase the flow of water. So if the outgoing water pressure through the taps and showers are getting low, you need to check whether your water pressure regulator is getting old or corroded.

4. Leakages on Pipes: A leaky pipe can drain out an excessive amount of water through the pipes, thereby lowering the pressure of water to a great extent. If the water pressure is going low, check if there are any leakages on the pipes. Unusual water stains beneath the pipes or on the wall can be an indication of water leakages.

5. Clogged Pipes: Sediments and debris, present in the water settle on the surface of the pipes. As it increases in size with time, it blocks the flow of water through it. It makes the water move out through the pipes with very less pressure.
Using chemicals to clear the clog might not be good as it can contaminate your drinking water. So you can better get it manually cleared.

6. Old Pipes: Low water pressure issue is also found in old houses with a plumbing system, that has not been replaced for long. Changing the pipes to a new and effective alternative can help you get a better flow of water through the pipes.
While replacing the pipes, it’s advisable not to go for galvanized steel pipes as they are more prone to rust. Instead, you can opt for brass, copper, or even rubber pipes.

7. Shared Pipeline: If you have neighbors sharing a water pipeline from the same water system, that you are using, that might also affect your water pressure. Though that will not reflect on your utility bill, but if for any reason your neighbor is using a lot of water, that will definitely lower the water pressure in your house.

8. Clogged Water Softener System: A water softener or a water filtration system has various filters attached to it, that uses the ion-exchange process to remove the mineral content present in the water. Being used for long, they get more and more impurities in the water, that they obstruct from getting into the system. More this obstruction increases, water pressure goes down more.
Moreover, if you are in an area with a hard water supply, there’s a huge possibility that your water softener system can get clogged very soon.

9. Low Hot Water Pressure: Be it for the limescale deposits on the shower heads, leaking pipes, clogged filters or it might be for any other reason, your hot water pressure can go low. But if you are facing such an issue, don’t go for any DIY steps, better get a gas engineer to do the needful.

10. Water Supply Provider Issue: Low water pressure might not always be an issue with your house plumbing system. That might be a problem for all the households in your area. So, call a neighbor and find out whether they are facing the same issue. If it is so, get the thing resolved by your water supply provider.

11. Water Meter Valve: Unlike the Main Shutoff Valve which is meant for your house only, Water Meter Valve belongs to the city. It’s the main source of water for the city and you can find it there beside the water meter. Chances are less that it will not be fully opened. But if it is so, it will also disrupt the normal flow of water to your house.

Get professional help:

Low water pressure can happen in your house due to various reasons. But once it occurs, it can make your life hell. Don’t just go for any DIY tips or get anyone to assist you with the issue. That might lead to a bigger plumbing problem.
Better hire a professionally qualified plumber from F.A.S Plumbing & Heating Ltd. to work on the issues. Here the professionals have got the right knowledge and the tools to get the job done giving you the right results.