Why You Must Replace Your Face Mask with Hemp

Since the starting of the pandemic, we all have seen a lot and taking all the precautions and safety measures to stay safe from the deadly Corona Virus. From sanitizing our house, washing hands frequently, to maintaining social distancing we have seen it all within this past year. 

Apart from this, one thing that has changed our lives the most is wearing masks all the time outside our homes which has been made mandatory by the government in the entire world. Wearing a face mask is not only important because it has been made mandatory by the government but because it’s the most essential asset which can help us to a great extent in not getting contaminated from the virus. 

Impact of Face Masks on Environment

Because of sudden necessity and rise in demand for face covers and masks, many manufacturers, companies, and start-ups started to make face masks in high quantity. Today you can easily buy a mask in the market starting from 10 INR. Though you buy these masks by spending few rupees only but have you ever thought of its consequences? Have you ever took an insight into the current situation of environmental issues? 

First, understand why synthetic or cotton masks are a possible threat to the environment. Masks that are made by using clothes that aren’t degradable and sustainable will only increase the pile of garbage and we have already started witnessing these consequences. 

According to research, approximately 130 billion disposable face masks and 60-65 billion protective gear are being used in a month in the entire world. They aren’t biodegradable and it can take up to 400 years to decay if they end up in the ocean.

There are several images on the internet where you can see the mountain of waste masks, floating masks in the sea, and on the beaches. Don’t you think that the earth is already filled with enough trash and craps because of us? Every day, we are facing new challenges; COVID-19, Black Fungus, White Fungus, and Yellow Fungus. This pandemic and new diseases are somehow the results of our actions only. The way we are destroying the earth is dangerous for all of us.

The most important question is what can be done by you to improve these situations? 

Well, there is something that can be done by you and that is replacing your normal Face Masks with Hemp Masks. Curious how hemp masks can be of help to such severe issues? Find answers to your questions through this blog and keep reading.

Hemp Mask – Necessity for Sustainable Environment.

We have already suffered a lot due to this pandemic, surely we don’t want any other problem. Cotton or other such masks will just not only increase the pile of garbage on the earth but will also harm the soil and other natural resources as they might be contaminated. On the other hand, hemp masks are sustainable, they are easily bio-degradable. Thus, there is no chance of adding burden to our mother earth.  

Hemp mask has been able to make its way in the current market with COVID-19 coming into existence. Its natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal properties make it a perfect material for protective face masks with the most breathable fabric. Hemp fabric is odor resistant and has been quite helpful for the frontline workers that need to put on the mask for the entire day. It is naturally antimicrobial and absorbs moisture without holding on to it. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits. However, there are many but these are the ones noteworthy:

Ten reasons Why Hemp Face Masks Are Best

  1. Hemp face masks are light and breathable. They don’t hold moisture, hence will make you feel comfortable even if you are wearing them for a longer duration.
  2. As hemp fiber is natural and biodegradable, it won’t add to the pile of garbage.
  3. Hemp masks are sustainable and bio-degradable, so it’s an environmentally-conscious substitute to cotton or synthetic masks.
  4. They have UV-Blocking Properties that protect the skin from hazardous skin diseases like skin cancer. 
  5. Hemp, being a natural fiber, possesses breathable properties with additional antimicrobial properties. 
  6. Hemp mask smells better for longer than cotton without the growth of any moisture due to its breathable nature.
  7. It is durable and long-lasting, and so helps you save money.
  8. Hemp is a face mask that feels soft on the skin and will only get softer with subsequent wash without degrading its quality.
  9. Hemp face masks are the most suitable ones for people who have sensitive skin or allergies.
  10. Unlike cotton, your Hemp face mask will not get loose with time as it holds its shape.