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When Your Child Might Need To Wear Braces

When you have children, you have a lot of things to worry about, which includes their teeth, and if you are worried about your children’s teeth and whether they need braces or not, you will want to visit your local dentist.

There are several reasons people have to wear braces, and below you will find some of the most popular ones. Wearing braces is only temporary and over time and with the proper care, you can enhance the smile of your child and help them to achieve excellent oral health.

Crooked Teeth

One reason that your orthodontist may suggest braces for your child is that they have crooked teeth. Braces can help to align the teeth and straighten them up, correcting a crooked smile and giving them that perfect smile. The amount of time that your child will need to wear the braces will depend on the significance of the problem, and you may find that they can remove them after only six months if they only need a slight correction.

A Crowded Mouth

Although humans usually have the same amount of teeth – 32 in adults – some people have more space in their jaw than others. As a result, you may find that when your child starts developing their adult teeth that their mouth is crowded with not enough room for the teeth to push through. Your orthodontist in Mosman or anywhere else in Sydney may suggest removing a tooth and then wearing braces to close any gap and enhance the smile of your child.

A Gap In The Teeth

Having a gap in the teeth may also be a reason your orthodontist recommends braces for your child. The dental braces can help to close any gaps in the teeth, ensuring that they are straight and aligned with each other. You do not need to worry if your child has gaps in their baby teeth, as these teeth are smaller than adult ones so gaps can form. If they still have gaps when their adult teeth come through, then you will need to consult your orthodontist to see if they recommend braces for your child.

The Shape Of The Jaw

Your dentist may be able to advise you early on that your child will need braces if they see that the shape of the jaw may cause problems as your child gets older. Wearing braces can help to prevent your child from developing an overbite, underbite, or a cross bite.

Protruding Teeth

If your child has teeth that protrude at an unusual angle from the gums, then this is another reason dental braces may be recommended for your child. The dental braces will help to correct an underbite or overbite and also stop uneven wear of the teeth. 

Problems With Chewing

If your child shows problems when chewing their food, then this can also be the result of an underlying condition that you may need to seek help with from your local dental clinic.

These are just a few of the reasons your child may be told that they need braces, and if you are worried, take them to see your dentist and see what they recommend and put your mind at ease.