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What to eat for a healthy brain?

Very useful, the brain is a human vital organ. Your brain can process faster than a formula 1 race car, as quickly as 268 miles per hour. In order to preserve its capacity, you need to fuel it properly. And the fact of eating some super-foods will definitely help you with that. 

Why do you need to fuel your brain? 

Since it’s such a vital organ, you have to take full care of your brain. Exactly like the other parts of your body, your brain needs nutritional food. If you make the wrong choice, you may live some negative sequences that have to do with the functioning of your brain.  Besides, as long as you adopt a nutritional and well-balanced diet, you will easily bring the right nutrients for your memory and your focus. 

Salmon, on the top of the chart

If you want the most interesting protein to fuel your brain, invest in salmon. In fact, like all fatty fish, salmon gathers a huge amount of omega-3 fatty acids. These lasts are best-known to bring in some important nutrients for brain function and development. 

Also, omega-3 is known as a good fat that can limit the risks of heart diseases, depression but also arthritis. Among the best source of omega-3, there are also some other types of fiches such as tuna, trout, herring but also mackerel. 

Egg, a super-food food for the brain

The omega-3 fatty acids are not the only good nutrients for the brain. Choline which is a nutrient responsible for the reduction of risk of inflammation and boost of brain function is also important. 

And this is a nutrient that is present within the egg yolks. But if you want to maintain your memory and enhance the communications between brain cells, you can eat eggs, including the egg white powder

Apart from this specific nutrient, the egg also brings tryptophan to the body ad, especially to the brain. It is an amino acid that is responsible for the building of some blocks of serotonin which is commonly known as the happiness molecule. 

Blueberries for a healthy brain

Many studies have shown that all berries are good for the brain. But the blueberry is the best of them. This super-food is fully high in antioxidants, especially flavonoids that are important in the stimulation of the flow of blood and oxygen in the brain. 

So, if you tend to eat many berries, it can help you boost your concentration. According to other studies, blueberries can also be good in the improvement of brain function in people who suffer from mild cognitive impairment. 

Cruciferous vegetables and leafy greens to stay sane

Apart from eggs, berries and salmon, notice that leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables also gather some important nutrients that are very useful for brain function and development. Spinach, kale and arugula are important sources of folate, carotene and vitamins E and K. 

Vitamin E is proved to be an excellent cell protector from free radicals damages. It’s also a good nutrient that intervenes in the prevention or the delaying of cognitive decline that is fully seen within the aging population. 

As far as Vitamin K is concerned, it is known to be a good nutrient to help for the sharpening of memory. And beta carotene is efficient in slowing down cognitive decline. The anti-oxidants are useful for the brain as they can protect it from toxic free radicals. 

Other super-food super-good for the brain

To fuel your brain, you can also invest in nuts, coffee but also dark chocolate. They are consequent sources of good nutrients for brains.