What Should Be The Preferred Wattage For Vaping

What Should Be The Preferred Wattage For Vaping?

When it comes to selecting the perfect wattage for your vaping needs, there is no one answer to a multitude of problems. Your personal preferences and the vape juice you’re using are the main deciding factor. There is a spot of science implicated when knowing the ideal wattage for your needs – but the good thing is that you don’t have to be an expert to know the same. 

In the end, you need to find your ideal wattage via trial & error basis, but we’ll make sure to help you on this journey so that your process can get a bit streamlined. 

Knowing About Variable Wattage Mods

One thing to note here is that only a handful of mods will let you choose your preferred wattage when vaping. When you plan on buying a variable wattage (VW) mod from grinders in UK services, you should ensure that the mod is versatile enough to let you set your wattage. 

These products come with a regulated modchip inside to control wattage to help you output different vaping results. For instance, a wattage of 50W will vaporize your vape juice more quickly than 30W, which means that you’ll be experiencing more nicotine hits per minute with your vape with higher wattage numbers. 

Knowing About The Hit

For most vapers out there, experiencing a good hit is always mandatory. However, the overall amount depends on the user’s personal preferences. If you’re someone who wants a strong success to your throat, then turning your wattage up will do the trick. Increasing your wattage will also make your vape clouds a lot thicker. 

On the other hand, if you need some time to kill and want something smooth, then turning down your wattage will be the ideal choice. Moreover, you also should to look at the temperature at which your vape is operating. Not everyone likes warm vapor down their throats, which is why turning down the same will do the trick. Always remember that there are no such right or wrong answers for this – you just need to stick to your preferences.

Knowing About Different Flavours

It should be known that vape juices taste different at different temperatures. The main reason behind this occurrence is that the flavor elements inside the vape juice will evaporate at different temperature readings. For example, one vape juice might taste great at 60W, but 60W might not work for a different e-juice. Each vape juice will have its preferred vaping wattage.

The best way to find your ideal wattage is to start low wattage with your vape juice and work up to higher till you find the sweet spot – where the taste of the e-juice correlates with the overall wattage.