Top 10 Tips about Preventing Your Hair from Tangling

Top 10 Tips about Preventing Your Hair from Tangling

Do you find yourself waking up to a birds nest on the head, every morning? That is because your hair is tangling more than usual and few things are going wrong with your hair. Don’t be fooled by the commercials with the long and flowy haired models dangling their tresses like waterfalls, without a hint of messiness, despite doing whatnot. Try doing the same, and you’ll instantly regret. Untangled hair will come inevitably, not but not without any effort from your side, or just by using one particular product.

Your hair, despite its length, can come with individual struggles. Tangled hair is one of the most happening issues that many women complain. But what is the way out? How can you get rid of tangled hair? Is there even away? Why does hair tangles? Keep reading to find out more about the questions that often come to your mind about tangled hair and the way out.

What Caused Tangled Hair?

Tangling can be a result of several reasons. Apart from neglect, other factors include lack of hydration or conditioning, not combing with the right brush morning and night, sleeping with wet hairs, using products laden with chemicals, not trimming the split ends after a specific interval of time, and other practices like too much dying and application of heat that leads to damaged cuticles and therefore tangles.

Your reason for tangle can be different from the others. However, as horrifying the detangling can feel, there is a way out to prevent tangles to a lot extent, in the first place. Here are the few steps to keep in mind if you want to get rid of knots.

1.     Using the right brush to comb regularly

Combing the hair is essential. It not only prevents tangles but also improves hair growth by stimulating the blood circulation on in the scalp. But then again, without the right brush, the results may not be beneficial.

Find the best brush that suits your preference and volume of hair. Try using paddled and wide-toothed brushes to comb your hair. They can be massaging alongside detangling your strands. Don’t just end up finding the right comb, make it a point to straighten your hair twice daily most preferably. If your hair is left without combing for a long time, the natural oil canbuildup well in less time. You may also use pure carrier oils for hair care like detangling, dandruff solution, hair fall prevention, cuticle health etc.

2.     Find a suitable conditioner

Conditioners for hydrating potions for hair. They act the way water works to your body. Find a suitable conditioner for your hair type to ensure your hair remains hydrated. Application of hair products like shampoos, dyes, spas, and so on can bereave the strands from the minimal moisture your hair needs to stay detangled and healthy. But then you can stop using them altogether. Thus, ensuring proper hydration is a significant step to nourishing the hair strands, since it helps in reducing the tension or friction in hair due to lack of hydration, and consequently fewer tangles.  

Not only lack of hydration can cause tangles, and it can make your hair look limp and lifeless as well. Make sure to condition your strands at the bottom with more care than the top. Keep the conditioner for the specified time and then rinse thoroughly.

3.     Avoid lying down with wet and tied hair

Wet hair is vulnerable to damages caused externally. Thus, when your hair is damp, and you lie down with the damp hair, the friction can cause easy breakage and damages. It is also very prone to tangling. For example, sleeping in braids and knots can cause severe tangles. Such tangles can be very painful to release, and the best way is to avoid doing the cause.

4.     Avoid dyes, bleaches, and other chemical-laden cosmeceutical and cosmetics

It’s okay to occasionally indulge in some trials and experiments or fancies with your hair. Like hair coloring or hair straightening. But please be advised that inducing too many chemical-laden products on your hair, which most of the dyes and other bleaches tend to be, can snatch the hair of its natural oils and luster. They make the hair dry, and that eventually makes your hair more prone to tangling. You might like to keep dying and similar stuff to a reasonable minimum, least you want to get rid of frequent tangles.

5.     Trim the hair-ends occasionally (like 3-4 times a year)

Make it a point to trim the ends of your hair strands every three months or so.  Split ends can be a significant influence on tangles. Therefore, getting rid of the dead ends of your hair can work wonders to prevent tangles.

6.     Put a toll on using heat-based styling

Using too much heat-based styling products like curlers, instant straighteners (no matter the amount of keratin it promises), and another heat-based hair styling can take its toll on your hair, and you will end up in disgusting sessions of detangling. The best way? You put a toll on using such styling appliances.

It is not saying to wholly bereave yourself from using them, make it a point to maintain the healthy minimum bar. They can make your hair unnecessarily dry and thus prone to tangling. This applies to rinse your hair with hot water as well. That should be checked as well.

7.     Find a Suitable hair mask

Good hair masks are the best friends of hair. Find the organic one or the one with the least chemicals and apply once a week. They’re often inexpensive, and the best thing about hair mask is you can even make your DIY version with different oils and natural ingredients. Try to find out the best hair mask and use it weekly to prevent tangles to a lot extent.

8.     Not too rough with a towel there!

Think that the rigorously you’ll use towel the drier your hair will get? Sure, it will get dry, but as much you’d instead not want. If you try to towel-dry your hair too vigorously just after a bath, it can be even more prone to damages and tangles.

It is advised to use a very soft cloth to dry the hair, something like cotton cloth and preferably not the ones with microfibers, to dry the hair. It may not dry like a towel, but eventually, it will dry in the open air, and you will save a lot of hair damage and potential to tangling.

9.     Use soft pillow covers

Sleeping on rough-textured pillow covers can damage the tresses and cause more tangles. Thus, invest in good quality and soft pillow covers like the ones made from pure cotton or silk. Rough pillow covers can break the hairs as well.

10. Alcohol-based hair care? Out!

You might need alcohol at times, but no way your hair. Your hair hates alcohol. Alcohol acts as an astringent that dries the hair, making them limp, dry, and lifeless. Such hair is always easy to get tangled. Make it a point to read and read the labels of your favorite hair care product to check if it has alcohol as an ingredient. If yes, you might want to look after another without alcohol.

These were the ten robust measures you can easily take to combat tangling of hair.

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