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Things to Suppose When You First Meet Your Gynecologists

As we become older, our body shape changes, meaning our requirements change as well. With time, teenage girls will require to appointment an obstetrician-gynecologist or ob/gyn. These doctors experts in women’s health protection. The doctor suggests that girls attend their first ob/gyn appointment between the ages of 13 and 15. It is entirely normal to feel anxious about your first visit. Taking care of women’s prenatal stage, birth, or postnatal care, we are the best Gynecologists in West Delhi who take every step very carefully. Studying a little more about what to suppose before your first gynecologist appointment can help to reduce worry. Here are some of the things you should know prior to your first appointment. By providing yourself with this information, you won’t have to concern about any unforeseen surprises. Carry on your reading this article to study every little thing you require to understand before your first appointment with your gyn.

1) Understand why you are going

Before you arrange your first appointment, it helps to know why you are going to an ob/gyn in the first position. Our bodies begin changing while we are our teenager. During your first gynecologist appointment, you can put questions concerning these questions. Some of the topics to cover consist of the following: –

a) Birth control alternatives

b) Testing for sexually transferred infections

c) Period or hormonal problems

Before you start your first gyno appointment, narrow down a list of questions. This will help you feel make ready. Having a list in hand will also help you keep away from your mind anything.

2) If you are under 21

During your first appointment, a medical expert will record your height, weight, and blood pressure (BP) before you look at the ob/gyn. If you are under the age of 21, however, your doctor probably won’t carry out a pelvic exam during your first visit. Were you worrying about that? Don’t panic.

Your ob/gyn will only carry out a pelvic exam if you are under 21 and: –

  • Sexually active
  • Want sexually transmitted infections (STI) testing
  • Have particular health worries (abnormal bleeding, painful periods)

If you are above 21, however, your ob/gyn will likely suggest a pelvic exam and/or Pap test.

3) What happens during a pelvic exam

Here’s what to foresee if you ask for a pelvic exam during your first gynecologist appointment: –

  • An outermost exam to analyze your sexual organ (labia, clitoris, and opening of your vagina)
  • A vaginal and uterus exam using a looking glass(a device placed into your vagina to get a better look)
  • A handed exam to review your reproductive organs

The pelvic exam permits your ob/gun to decide if your uterus and ovaries are healthy. We are a pregnancy expert and one of the top Gynecologists in Pitampura with over 21 years of experience in this field.

  • Don’t worry about appearances

While you might feel uncomfortable, remember- doctors do this for a living. The motive of your gynecologist appointment is medicinal. If you can, shower and wash out your labia with water prior to your appointment.

  • Prepare to get real

Your doctor is going to ask more personal questions about your period and sex life, so get prepare. Prior to start your first ob/gyn appointment, ensure that you notice the beginning day of your latest period date. Your ob/gyn might also ask regarding: –

-> Cramps

-> Heavy bleeding

-> Mood changes

-> Irregularity

-> Pain

Your ob/gyn will also ask about your sexual life. Stand honest as you answer their questions; or else, they won’t have the correct information to assist your health. Your doctor won’t conclude you based on any answers you give them.

  • Schedule your next appointment

Before you exit the room of the doctor, ensure to arrange your next appointment. You will require a pelvic exam every three years. You can also visit yearly to evaluate or to start again your birth control. After you exit, wait for a call from the doctor’s office with any test results.