Things To Discuss While Meeting Your The Best Gynecologist In Jaipur

Things to Discuss while Meeting your Gynecologist in Jaipur

Gynecologists are the ones who have seen and heard about all the sexual and reproductive problems. So, while meeting with your gynecologist, be open about your problems, discuss everything in detail, and find suitable solutions to your problems. When we talk about reproductive and sexual health, it’s hard to say what is normal and what can cause the problem. To avoid such issues, it is advisable to go to the best gynecologist hospital in Jaipur.

Some Things To Consider While Meeting Gynecologist

Here are few important things to discuss while meeting your gynecologist: –

Painful or delayed periods: – 

Some women face PMS, while others suffer from menstruation symptoms. The menstruation pain differs from woman to woman. Some of them face mild symptoms like headache, stomachache, breast soreness, and cramps, while others face severe symptoms like pain that goes beyond tolerance and uninterrupted flow. If you face painful periods and get worse over time, then it is not normal. These symptoms are the sign of uterine fibroids. Under such circumstances, you need to consult your gynecologist and discuss everything in detail.

Bad vaginal smell

Vaginal infection or bacterial overgrowth is the reason for the foul vaginal smell. If you notice any change in your vaginal odor or any fishy smell, you must consult your gynecologist and discuss the things. If you keep the things unattended, the vaginal infection will grow, and along with it, your vagina will stink.

Uncomfortable sexual intercourse: –

You may find your sexual interactions uncomfortable and not confront such things with your partner. In such a situation, you can visit your gynecologist and open up with him about the things. He/she will understand your situation and help you to deal with your concerns.

Few things you can feel during intercourse: –

  • Painful sex- if you feel pain during sex, you should go for various positions, which will help you find the best suitable position for you. Still, if you feel pain, it’s better to discuss your problem with your gynecologist. It is always advisable to discuss things with your doctor if you face discomfort during sex or bleeding after sex. 
  • Dryness around the vagina- it has been observed that many women go through vaginal dryness during sexual intercourse. Vaginal dryness sometimes depends on women’s age and other mitigating factors. If a younger woman is on birth control and faces vaginal dryness, it is due to the presence of less estragon, and she needs to change the birth control. If any bust woman faces vaginal dryness, that means she is not devoting proper time for foreplay or arousal before intercourse. Women who are having less estragon also face vaginal dryness after postmenopausal.

Sexual experiences: –  

Women often feel shy while discussing topics like the number of partners they have had or their age when they first had their intercourse or if or not they are suffering from any sexually pass-on disease, and many more with their gynecologist. All these topics are essential to discuss as: –

  • To find out the risk factors related to HPV infection. If you are less than 18 and having sexual intercourse, then there are more chances that you are open up to HPV because if you are younger, the cervical, vaginal area is more pronounced.
  • To make sure your client is receiving good care. Now, as there is a much widen community of LGBT people, it is found that there are many health-related problems that should be taken care of among bisexual women, lesbians, and transmen.

Urinary leakage: –

Having the inability to control urination or fecal can be super stressful, and it soaks one’s desires to enjoy a better quality of life. Majorly women face such situations after pregnancy if they have a large body, requiring a vacuum at the time of delivery. Such situations may get worse at the time of menopause. There are many surgical and medical alternatives available, depending upon their level of incontinence. You can discuss these things with your gynecologist and take the necessary treatment.


These are some of the things to consider while connecting with the gynecologist. You can find the right gynecologist in the best gynecologist hospital in Jaipur. So, find the perfect one who can help you out with your issues.