Outbreak of Corona in China: news how to safe symptom chrona virus

The outbreak of Corona in China: are our eating habits to blame?

As and when the world is hit by a new virus, suddenly we enter into panic mode and in fact, that is the time, how fragile our world is. It looks like a pack of cards and a card withdrawn just put the whole pack in danger. This is the case yet again we the unfolding of the Coronavirus, which unfortunately has taken close to 300 lives in China alone. The virus has claimed almost a dozen victims outside china as well with a couple of cases in the US, Europe, etc.

So what is new this time?

Well, this is not the first time and similar viruses have affected the world before and have claimed their victims as well. And with their vaccines developed in some time, they have been well under control. These viruses are SARS, swine flu, etc. But this time things are a little different, as the world has changed quite a bit since the last decade or 7-8 years. The most important difference is the connectivity. The Globe is as an association as ever today and it’s almost impossible to stay isolated in this world order. And the virus has almost traveled to half the planet till the time it was detected in a couple of patients to confirm its symptoms etc. The most dangerous aspect here is the incubation period. The virus takes about a week to be detected and till the time, the potential victims need to be quarantined, if the symptoms are confirmed.

So where did this Corona originate?

This virus has been originated in Wuhan province in China. And while the exact reasons for the outbreaks are unavailable. What is believed to have been the major cause is animals. This virus has been believed to have found in bats or snakes and has been unlocked by consuming them as food. What is interesting though that they are not lethal or deadly in animals but in humans, they can be really dangerous for anyone with a compromised immune system. So the only solution left is to quarantine the potential patients to control the spread of the epidemic further.

This outbreak of Corona has once again brought the hazards of non-vegetarian eating habits to the fore. Every new disease brings forth this potential reason for causing that pandemic. And its high time we take this foremost reason for the outbreak of such deadly viruses seriously.

Vegetarianism has its own benefits. In fact, in recent studies, we know that many of the modern illnesses are even attributed to eating meat and other forms of non-vegetarianism. The current outbreak of coronavirus is also attributed to the same.

We might feel that these are all myths and there is no concrete evidence to link diseases to non-vegetarianism. But if we look at it logically, we would realize that there has to be some connection to these two. There are many reasons to believe so here are some that will make you think about the same.

Volunteers from different organizations are doing their part by distributing masks and other activities.

Ancient predictions

It has been predicted time and again by great astrologers from various lands, that the human race will be in grip of deadly diseases. And Ayurveda has gone a step further by even relating our eating habits and lifestyle for the same. In fact, our spiritual Gurus and Masters too, have been advising against such habits as they are definitely the reason for many diseases and other health hazards. Many organizations on the likes of Dera Sacha Sauda and many others have been working actively towards eradicating non-vegetarian food habits amongst people.

Ancient books of Ayurveda and other sciences have hardcore evidence that non-vegetarianism leads to many diseases primarily because of the way our bodies are created. The way our intestines are structured and the digestion pattern everything hints at vegetarianism. What’s more, the fact that the digestion of non-vegetarian food takes eternity is in itself proof that we are forbidden to eat the same. And at an age when we are on the verge of population explosion world over, we need to be careful than ever. Eating animals that are not hygienically handled exposes us to a host of issues. With various animal sources, the factory line of production and the unorganized poultry sector, the hazards just multiply. So why not just with our bodies were created in first place ask our religious Gurus and well-wishers.

And the question posed by them is not that irrational, considering that it saves us from a million dollars of spendings on medical bills and not to mention bestows us the gift of health and even saves us from critical diseases.

So How do we reverse the damage done? Switch to vegetarianism

Its never too late and what’s more the Chinese Govt. has already realized this and ordered the ban of meat in the affected cities and asked for more production of vegetables. This is probably the best order by the Govt. And well, to say that they were forced to do so by nature will not be an overstatement. Since there are already about 300 deaths and thousands infected and lacs quarantined on lockdown mode, they are literally forced to avoid further spread of the virus from fresh cases of people acquiring the virus directly from meat. It would really help if this is adopted as a lifestyle and not just a temporary switch though. In fact, more and more people are switching to this wonderful lifestyle that is against the cruelty world over. With more and more reasons coming up every day, this number is constantly rising. So when are you going to make the switch for yourself and for the world around you?

Adopt an organic lifestyle

Growing organic food sans pesticides – Chemical pesticides are sprayed in every part of the world these days and the percentage is much above the allowed level. So what exactly would these pesticides do to you? In fact, already doing their job of making you sick more and more sick with new novel diseases. Experts argue that cancer is one of the major by-products of these pesticides in your food. Cancer cases have risen more than 5 times in the past decade. Rather recently, these figures have just toppled every chart. Every other person is detected with this deadly disease. In countries like India, Cancer is a major concern area.

In fact, experts suggest non-vegetarianism as a cause for these deadly diseases too. So you have yet another reason to go cruelty-free and vegan.

Increase your immunity – This again is useful in maintaining general health. With better immunity, one can easily beat corona and also many other viral attacks that may happen in the future and also against various other seasonal infections. The best way to increase the same can be by taking vitamin C in any form. This can be your best defense against seasonal and other infections too.

Take precaution with Cough and cold patients – Maintain a distance of 3-5 ft if you come across anybody who sneezes or has a cough and cold. This will again prevent you from attaching the virus onto you. Also, develop a hygiene based system, of washing hands at regular intervals.

Although, healthy individuals have no reason to panic. It is believed that a vaccine is in development and can be expected to be out by March end. Till that time, people across the globe are advised to stay away from traveling to China and neighborhood countries. And if you decide on going for a completely insured life against such viruses that much unfold in future, you know where to head. The internet is flooded with ways to switch to vegetarian dishes with recipes and tips. See you there.

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