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Osteoporosis – Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

We often have heard about the term ‘osteoporosis’ in television advertisements. Listening to the advertisements, we have told our grandparents that they should drink plenty of milk and other proteins, vitamins and minerals to stay fit and healthy. Proteins are often known as the body-building foods. Along with proteins, it is also advisable to eat minerals like calcium and vitamins like Vitamin D. Though osteoporosis occurs in both men and women, but women are four times more susceptible to men.

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So, what does osteoporosis mean? The word ‘osteo’ means bones and ‘porosis’ means pores. It has derived from a Latin word. It is a condition where your bones weaken and are at high risk to break easily. In this condition, your body constantly absorbs and replaces bone tissue. The creation of new bone cells cannot keep up with the removal of old bone cells. Though treatment can help, but the condition can’t be totally cured. It can last unto few years or can even be lifelong.

It can even break with a fall from a standing height or less force (called a fragility fracture). Usually, healthy and normal bones do not break with that little force. But if an individual is suffering from osteoporosis, then they are at a much increased risk for getting fractures easily. In this article, 3Meds– the best online pharmacy app in India brings to you the information about osteoporosis- symptoms, causes and treatments.

SYMPTOMS OF OSTEOPOROSIS: Many people do not develop symptoms until they have a bone fracture.
• Back pain.
• Loss of height.
• Stooped posture.
• Bone becomes fragile.


• Lack of essential nutrients in diet– With all the daily chores, your diet has a significant impact on your overall health as well as your bones. Few foods may promote healthy bones while a few may not. You must know which nutrients are essential and what foods provide you that to cope up with the deficiency. Calcium is very essential for maintaining the growth of bones. Calcium rich food are cheese, milk and milk products. Vitamin D is also very essential as it helps to absorb calcium in your body. Sources of vitamin D are sunlight, green leafy vegetables and fruits. Along with these two, you must also eat magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin K, vitamin B, etc. to give support and maintain your healthy bone.

• Lack of exercise. Exercise has so many benefits after all-  It also helps to strengthen your bones and muscles. It is very important to get a defense against osteoporosis. If you are inactive, your weak bones will eventually become weak. But if you workout, they’ll become strong.

 Low sex hormones– When a woman reaches menopause, her oestrogen levels drop significantly. And even if a woman has irregular periods too, she has a greater chance to suffer from osteoporosis as their oestrogen levels drop significantly too. Oestrogen is essential to new bone production as it supports bone-producing cells called oesteoblasts. Without it, new bones are not formed and osteoclasts overpower them.

• Medical conditions– There are many medical problems even that may eventually lead to osteoporosis. Some of the problems are: intestinal problems, kidney problems and para-thyroid and thyroid problems.

• Medications. In taking of certain medications cause osteoporosis-  But don’t skip those, as they are very essential to treat certain specified diseases. Yet be extra careful while taking those. Buy online medicines and health supplements related to osteoporosis and get them delivered at your doorstep hassle-free.

• Smoking and drinking alcohol–  Consumption of alcohol and smoking cigarettes are very harmful as they make our body to use more calcium. Not only that, but they also hinder our body’s capability to effectively use calcium.

 Leading a sedentary lifestyle–  Nowadays, most of us like to spend sedentary lifestyle. People who spend a lot of time sitting and leading a sedentary lifestyle have a higher risk of having osteoporosis. Try going for a brisk walk or jogging or swimming which might be beneficial for your bones and body.

We often consider our health as floccinaucinihilipilification and thus, we don’t take care of our body. It, in turn, becomes very essential to think and take proper care of good general health, healthy nutrition and exercise as well as normal estrogen and progesterone when working to gain and stay healthy and strong bones.

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