Myths and Facts about Prenatal Massage

Myths & Facts about Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage or pregnancy massage is a therapeutic massage, designed to be conducted especially during the pregnancy period. Pregnancy leads to a lot of body aches and pain in different body parts. Therefore, the purpose of prenatal massage is to get relief from all such body aches and pains.

It varies from person to person as some find it suitable, some are prone to the side effects of this massage, and some are scared of the myths that are talked about. 

Myths about Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy massage is surrounded by a lot of criticism and misconceptions. Therefore, it is best to study the myths and know that they do not exist in reality.


Miscarriage may occur if you massage during the First Trimester– We all know that the first 12 weeks of pregnancy are very crucial and thereby, during this period the fetus is is at the development stage, and massage can lead to miscarriage. Therefore, mostly the prenatal massage is not taken until the second trimester.

The prenatal massage is a treatment that is done keeping the safety measures and the pregnancy-specific modifications in consideration. The massage is done by trained specialists and they deal with the child with tact and sensitivity.


Massaging the feet or ankles of Pregnant Women may Induce Labour – The acupressure and the acupuncture points of the feet and ankles while doing the prenatal massage are said to stimulate the uterus, and this leads to disservice to pregnant people. Most pregnant women suffer from swollen feet and legs which is also known as edema.

A wonderful study suggests that massage during pregnancy is significant to reduce edema levels within five days. The acupressure and the acupuncture points are normal technique that stimulates the blood flow through your veins. So massage does not induce labor, rather it helps get relief from the swelling that occurs.


Prenatal Massage should be done in a Side Position, and this is dangerous. – People suggest sleeping on your left side during pregnancy. And you need not worry about the back massage where you have to lie on your belly because the specialized prenatal massage clinics have special orthopedic pillows that support and allow moms to safely lay face down and receive their massage. The pillows are specially designed to give you support without restricting the blood flow of the mom and the baby.


Massage can rotate the baby. – The massage can lead to the rotation of the baby from its actual position. Sometimes the position of the baby can be corrected by the prenatal massage and you need not worry that the correct position would be altered because the specialists I trained and any sort of a massage is provided to you with the consent of the doctor.


Prenatal massage does nothing other than make you feel good. – Yes, prenatal massage makes you feel good and relaxed, but it also eliminates pain and swelling from your body. Along with this, it also has the following benefits.

1. Low stress and mood improvement

2. Less anxiety and depression.

3. Reduces swelling.

4. Improves the quality of sleep.

5. Increases the production of oxytocin.

6. Decreases labor time.

7. Lower down your blood pressure.

Benefits of Massage

What are the benefits of prenatal massage?

Prenatal massage comes with a lot of benefits. First, it reduces your stress hormones and relaxes your muscles. Secondly, it also increases blood flow that is very important during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the prenatal massage will help you reduce the following issues-

  1. Insomnia
  2. Joint pain
  3. Neck and back pain
  4. Leg cramping
  5. Sciatica
  6. Hand and feet swelling
  7. Carpal Tunnel Pain
  8. Headache and sinus congestion

We can also provide prenatal massages at home. This could be given by a friend or your partner or any other family member. The following can be done at your own home easily.

Gentle rubbing of the foot

One needs to be smooth while rubbing or pressing the pressure point of your foot. One can move the thumb in circular motions around the ankle, and this way you can make the mom feel great relaxed. It also helps increase the blood flow of both the mom and the baby.


It is another method to give pregnancy massage where the gentle strokes on the back will help the muscles stretch and reduce the strain.

Scalp massage

Moving the hand on the base of the skull to the hairline with both your hands gently gives amazing relaxation. The other techniques involve shoulder rub, palm massage, and belly rub. Do take the appropriate guidance of your doctor before you go for any other complex prenatal massage.  Do not follow the myths and take proper knowledge from the specialist before you go for an activity during pregnancy.