Medical Supplies for Those with Lymphedema

Medical Supplies for Those with Lymphedema

These days, you’re finding it harder than ever before to put one foot in front of the other — literally. And it’s all due to the swelling you’ve developed in your legs and toes. Unfortunately, your arms and fingers have also fallen victim to this swelling.

You are suffering from lymphedema.

This chronic condition resulting from lymphatic system damage, which can easily stem from cancer or radiation cancer treatment, impacts millions of people in the United States and hundreds of millions more worldwide. Sadly, it can disrupt your daily life by causing debilitating pain and aching, disability, a sensation of tightness or heaviness, disfigurement, and recurring infections. 

The good news? You don’t have to suffer in silence with this exhausting, uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous condition. Instead, you can regain a sense of control of your life by using a variety of medical supplies designed for those with lymphedema.

Here’s a rundown on the top medical supplies to help you to live as normal of a life as possible following a lymphedema diagnosis.

Calf Wrap

A calf wrap is a must-have medical supply for those with lymphedema affecting their legs. That’s because this inelastic lymphedema product offers high-level compression to your calf, thus helping to relieve fluid retention early on so that it doesn’t worsen. 

When searching for a calf wrap, look for wraps that come with non-compressive liners as well, as this will help to protect your skin. Also, try to choose one whose straps are positioned sideways so that even someone with a limited range of motion or strength in the hands can close them easily.

Toe Cap

This is yet another popular product for individuals suffering from moderate or mild lymphedema in the feet. Like the calf wrap, it’s designed to offer gentle compression, thus helping you to stay active and keeping fluid from going back to your foot area. Be sure to choose a toe cap with thin seams and comfortable fabric for long-term wear.


If you struggle with swelling in your fingers, you can’t go wrong with a well-designed lymphedema glove. Gloves from reputable brands are durable and are also latex-free to prevent allergic reactions in the wearer. They also come in a wide range of sizes so that you can easily find one with the perfect fit for you. In addition, you should be able to wear either glove on either hand, as this will make donning them much more convenient on a regular basis.

Be sure to look for gloves fabricated from smooth fabric for high-level wearing comfort as well. Likewise, consider purchasing gloves with trimmable fingers to ensure the custom fit you’re looking for.

Foot Piece

If your foot is your problem area when it comes to your lymphedema, a foot wrap is all you need to keep the swelling at bay. The best foot pieces feature overlapping material that you can easily apply yourself without requiring a doctor’s or nurse’s specialized intervention. This overlapping material will also give you plenty of the support you need to control your swelling. 

Arm Sleeve

If your lymphedema primarily impacts your arm, an arm sleeve is a perfect solution for you. The sleeve you choose should feature a seamless and smooth wrist that will enable lasting comfort and a broader range of motion for you. 

Also, be sure to select one with antimicrobial fabric, as this will help to keep your sleeve fresh all day — even on your busiest of days. And keep in mind that the top providers of these sleeves offer them in a variety of colors to suit your unique style, taste, and fashion choice for the day.


A gauntlet is similar to an arm sleeve but covers the wrist and hand instead of the arm. In this way, gauntlets are essentially like gloves, offering constant, steady pressure on your hands. This helps with moving fluids out of your hands and thus relieves the discomfort that fluid flow causes.

Look for gauntlets made from spandex and soft nylon for a truly comfortable fit. In addition, make sure that your chosen gauntlet features a waist seam, which will prevent rolling and slipping. Note that gauntlets also come with various compression levels and in multiple sizes, so you should have no problem with finding your perfect fit.

Enhance Your Quality of Life with Medical Supplies for Lymphedema Today

Living with lymphedema can no doubt be painful and frustrating, but that doesn’t mean your lymphedema has to control you. Instead, you can take the reins of this condition by using medical supplies to relieve the swelling and discomfort caused by it.

From calf wraps to toe caps and gauntlets, a wide variety of compression garments can help you to stay comfortable as you knock out your daily to-do list and move from point A to point B. In fact, with the right garments, you’ll not only feel less achy, but you’ll also regain the confidence you need to wear your favorite outfits again.

Consider the above-listed lymphedema-friendly garments as you embark on the path to feeling better while also looking your best in the weeks, months, and years ahead!