Low Your Cortisol Level With Glo Yoga Online health guest post

Low Your Cortisol Level With Glo Yoga Online

Cortisol is the body’s primary stress hormone. When it’s at an appropriate level, it’s a good thing, but when the challenges of life cause it to go too high, it can cause, well, stress. The good news is that exercise can help lower cortisol levels to where they should be so that you are feeling relaxed and in control.

Many types of exercise can help lower cortisol, but one of the best in yoga. Because yoga thoroughly stretches and conditions muscles in a way that does not strain them, it is ideal for both staying fit and for feeling calm. When skyrocketing cortisol puts you in “fight or flight” mode even though there is no immediate threat to you, practicing yoga can normalize your body’s functioning.

Yoga online

It’s not always possible to practice yoga with an instructor in person. This is especially true if you live in a rural area, work a non-conventional schedule and for many other reasons. Fortunately, a company called Glo offers yoga online from expert instructors, and you can do their classes from anywhere you have an internet connection anytime you want. Not only does Glo offer yoga online, but they also offer classes on meditation and Pilates.

A customized approach

When you sign up with Glo for yoga online, the company has you fill out a very simple survey so that they see what your needs are. From there, they recommend what to study within the 16 styles of yoga they offer, and they provide instruction at every level from beginner to expert. In short, it’s easy to get started, and you’re not going to be stuck in a class that’s either too challenging or too easy for you.

Glo works very hard to recruit the best instructors from all over the world, and they are able to attract the best talent because of the company’s good reputation and because many teachers enjoy the convenience of online instruction in the same way that their students do. As a result of their strong staffing, they offer 4,000 different classes, and these are all available online.

Convenience and community

You can view your Glo classes on pretty much any kind of computer or device, and they come across just fine on mobile phones. Once you’ve downloaded them, you can view the material any time you want to and practice along with your instructor in your own living room.

Additionally, the Glo platform is set up to connect users with an entire community of health and wellness experts and enthusiasts. Glo users have access to all the latest and the best advice on fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and other topics, and they can gain motivation by interacting with one another.

The basic philosophy of Glo is to always be non-judgmental and encouraging; you aren’t going to have an instructor who puts you down for not being in fantastic shape or not being able to perform an expert pose. This is a company that is all about promoting healing and fostering connections through world-class yoga instruction.