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Kidney Failure Causes & Symptoms

Kidney diseases have spread like an epidemic, and the most surprising fact of all is that it does not spare any given age or gender factor.

What Happens When Your Kidneys Fail?

Healthy kidneys clean the blood by filtering out excess water and wastages. They also make hormones that keep bones strong and healthy blood. When both kidneys fail, the body retains fluids.

When harmful wastes build up in your body, your body does not produce enough red blood cells. These develop fatigue, nausea, and loss of appetite. When this happens, kidney failure treatment is necessary to replace the function of the failed kidneys.

Kidney dialysis does live a life that no one chooses but must deal with every day, if attacked by it, with some ways to prolong life. As a result, this gets controlled if diagnosed at earlier stages under the supervision of the expert in Telangana.

To find a cure, we must be aware of its causes and symptoms. Let us begin by knowing some prominent causes of Kidney Failure Reason.

Causes of Kidney Fail

1. Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes does not come alone. It fetches other health complications that may further deteriorate the health of a person.

A person has to be very active and vigilant if suffering from diabetes because it affects the kidneys that create complications in their operation. So watch kidney disease if you have diabetes.

2. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a soundless killer. It disturbs health is more harmful than expected. High blood pressure and related health problems should not be ignored, and here medical intervention to save a life is necessary.

3. Genetic Disorders

They are not produced with some genetic disorders that can be followed by kidney disease. Such disorders promote the growth of kidney cysts that can trigger kidney disorders.

4. Kidney Infection

Even a slight infection in the kidneys can bring about chaos with your health if left untreated.

5. Urine Obstruction

If not treated, it can lead to chronic kidney disease. Any infection can start slowly affecting the functioning of the kidney.

Symptoms of kidney diseases

Signs of kidney disease begin to show after a few months of your Life after Kidney Failure. Most people do not get symptoms of kidney diseases in the initial stages. Selected people get to sense the symptoms until 30 years or more.

Symptoms of chronic kidney disease include:

  • Urinating lesser than average;
  • Swelling in the body or weight gain because of the buildup of fluid in tissues;
  • Feeling excessively tired or sleepy;
  • Not feeling hungry and weight loss
  • Feeling nauseated

What Is Nephrotic  Syndrome?

Kidney patient with Nephrotic Syndrome causes scarring or damage to the filtering part of the kidneys (glomeruli). These produce too much protein that can be lost from the blood into the urine.

People with Nephrotic syndrome often have:

  • High stages of protein in the urine
  • Low stages of protein in the blood
  • Swelling particularly around the feet, eyes, and hands
  • High cholesterol

Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease

1. Medication

There is no exact medication for kidney disease, but some prescriptions can help control the conditions that cause kidney problems or to prevent such situations, most affecting the kidneys.

Experts in Hyderabad may recommend taking some prescriptions to control the other health issues that may affect the kidneys.

Some of the conditions for which medicines are preferred in this case are –

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Water retention
  • Anemia
  • Glomerulonephritis

2. Dialysis

In cases where the kidneys fail, dialysis using the life support system where this treatment has the function of the organs.

There are two main types of dialysis –

Hemodialysis – This blood detours on an external machine that is filtered and then returned to the body.

Peritoneal dialysis – This pump dialysis fluid enters into space in the belly to pull out the waste products from the blood passing through the vessels of the stomach lining.

3. Kidney Transplant

The most effective treatment for advanced kidney disease, a kidney transplant is major surgery where one transplanted kidney from a donor that life is possible even with only one working kidney. But we also need medication to stop your body from affecting the donor organ.

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90% of kidney function can be lost deprived of experiencing any symptoms. But the modern treatments by Dr. B. Vijay Kiran will help you stand up and give a tough fight to kidney disease.