IVF Process- Understanding Complete Procedure Step By Step

IVF Process- Understanding Complete Procedure Step by Step

IVF Process:- IVF, a very common word for married people. IVF is like a god gift to people who are unable to have a natural pregnancy. Before going for IVF treatment, it is very important to know the complete IVF process. Knowing the whole procedure helps, you make your psychologically ready for the upcoming treatments. So if you ready read this article till last, then I promise you will know the complete IVF process, which will help you for your treatments.

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IVF procedure completes in 5 steps. I will tell the all the steps of the IVF process from start to finish. We have included these steps based on some authoritative medical publications and websites. We are not doctors, so for the most accurate information, you should consult your doctor. The IVF method is not for all. Its success rate is very high but depends according to the body type.

Now It’s time to tell you the IVF procedure step by step so let’s move towards the five steps followed during the In Vitro Fertilization process.

1) Boosting Egg Production for IVF Process

Boosting egg production is the first step in the IVF process. Doctors give some treatments which boost egg production, which is known as superovulation. Normally, only an egg is produced in a month, but the no. of egg production increases after this. The doctor is doing this because this step plays an important role in upcoming IVF procedure steps.

2) Removing the eggs for IVF Process

This step can be a painful process because it includes the removal of eggs from your body. In this IVF process, the doctor will pull your eggs outside from your body using ultrasound technology. As I said earlier, you may feel pain in this process because it is really painful. Don’t worry doctor will give you some injections so that you will not feel pain during this IVF process.

This procedure will be done at the clinic of the doctor. They will carefully perform this process because a small mistake can break your dream of becoming a mother. So it is important to consult the right doctor for the procedure of IVF treatment.

3) Collecting Sperm for IVF Process

Sperm collection is the 3rd step in the IVF process. This sperm can be collected by your partner or by any donor. Having the sperm of your partner plays an important role in the life of you and your partner. In any case, if your partner is unable to donate sperm, then you must find a sperm donor.

Suppose you are annoyed about finding the sperm donor, then no need to worry about it. If you have your IVF treatment process in a good hospital or clinic, they will help you find sperm for the next process.

4) Unite sperm and eggs

Now comes the most important step in the IVF process, where both the sperm and eggs unite. We have seen in many movies or most heard about this step. When you ask people about IVF, most of those will tell you about this 4th step of the IVF procedure.

If those people tell you about this step, there is no mistake because this is one of the most famous steps in the whole IVF procedure. Sometimes doctors deliberately eject the sperm into an egg to make the process faster.

5) Embryo in Uterus

It is the last and the 5th step in the IVF process. In this step, your doctor will transfer the eggs into your uterus. This step is again maybe painful like the 2nd one, but the doctor will also give you some injections that help you avoid pain this time.

Embryo transfers into the uterus after 4-5 days of fertilization. All the work has been performed in a clean environment by using clean instruments. Your doctor will transfer more than one embryo into your uterus, hoping that at least one will give positive results.

After few weeks of this 5th step, doctors will do your pregnancy test. If you find it positive, then everything is fine, but if negative, then this complete IVF procedure will be done again.


If you are reading till here, I am sure you have become completely familiar with the IVF process from start to finish. Every doctor has a slight variation in their treatments, but no doubt that your doctor has to go with the above IVF procedure if you have IVF treatment. If you have any understanding of the above IVF process step-by-step explanation, please share it as much as possible.