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Is Quarantine Enough to Keep COVID19 at Bay?

A mysterious virus originating from China has now spread out all across the globe, swallowing thousands of lives. The relentless virus does not seem to stop posing a threat to the lives of innocent people. A sudden outbreak of mysterious illness has thrown the world off balance.

The immediate rise in the cases of infected people has pushed the WHO to raise the alarm about the virus and warned the representatives of different countries to take preventive measures as immediately as possible to contain the virus.

As there is no vaccination available around the world, and according to health experts, it will take at least one year to be possible, you have only one weapon to keep yourself from this infection, and that is quarantine.

Stay home unless you have an emergency like you want to see a doctor, make no trips to theatres and shopping malls, mask your face when you step out and wash your hands with soap more often and use a sanitizer.

Despite such preventive measures, most of people are tested positive for COVID19. Health experts are emphasizing isolation. You are highly likely to be infected if you congregate in masses, no matter how often you wash your hands with soap. Doctors isolate patients of COVID19 unless they are tested negative, and they are recommended home quarantine for the next 14 days when they are discharged from the hospital.

The most important question is whether it is just isolation that helps patients recuperate, or doctors make specific efforts to save people’s lives. What do they do when no vaccination is available to prevent you from this disease?

How is COVID19 treated?

Since there is no drug available to prevent people from this disease, medical experts provide supportive care. Supportive care is a strategy to do whatever is possible to keep your vital organs functioning. It keeps monitoring body temperature, blood pressure and oxygen levels.

COVID19 is a slow death. It gradually slides down from your throat to the intestines and then destroys your respiratory system. Once it blocks all airways, it can take your life easily. It is paramount to keep the supply of oxygen to all organs of the body. Methods for providing oxygen may range from a nasal cannula to ventilators.

Supportive care also includes a fluid diet to prevent the risk of dehydration and medication to reduce fever. There are some drugs doctors use to whittle down the infection symptoms. Such drugs include Remdesivir, Chloroquine, APN01, Ritonavir, and the like.

It is your immune system that will fight off COVID19. No doctor can perform better than your immune system. To combat such a virus, you need strong immunity.

Your doctor will suggest you home quarantine even after the successful treatment. It may extend up to 14 days, which is presumed to be an incubation period for the virus. The elderly are more prone to infection than the young. However, if you have weaker immunity and chronic medical condition, you are more likely to be infected regardless of your age.

How should you take care of yourself during home quarantine?

Even though you are fine, you will have to be careful of distancing at your home.

  • You need to separate yourself from your spouse, children, parents and pets.
  • No one should use your room.
  • It must be designed exclusively for your use.
  • Your bathroom should also be separate if possible.
  • Make sure that you use a mask and sanitizer when you are home.

When you sneeze and cough, try to use handkerchief or tissue to avoid the spread of droplets in the air. Do not forget to immediately throw it in the trash can and then wash your hands with soap properly. When somebody serves you food or medicine, there must be enough gap so that no other person catches the virus.

Ask your family members to wear the mask and urge them to wash hands with soap more frequently. The more they maintain hygiene, the easier it is to contain the virus. If you cannot get a mask, you should use a handkerchief or try to make a handmade mask. There are various online videos to guide you on how to make homemade masks.

Avoid moving and resistance your eyes, nose and mouth. Keep washing your hands or using sanitizer even if you are not coughing and sneezing. Make sure that you soak vegetables in lukewarm water before you cook them. It mitigates the risk in case any infected person touched it.

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Author Bio: Quarantine is essential to prevent yourself from the virus, but you need to maintain hygiene too.