Infertility Treatment Cost In India | Fact About Cost And List Of Affordable Ivf Clinics

Infertility Treatment Cost in India, Fact About Cost & List of Affordable Ivf Clinics

Infertility Treatments Cost: Many couples suffer from Infertility related issues, and a lack of knowledge on the cost of infertility treatments stops them from going after their dream of a baby. Let’s discover the facts about Infertility and various treatments for it and Infertility treatments cost. At the end of this article, a list of the best and affordable ivf clinics can provide you with complete infertility treatment at a reasonable price.

Cause of Infertility

Various causes of Infertility may increase the infertility treatments cost. So knowing these causes will help you evaluate the correct price will help you prepare for the future. If you see any of these causes, then expert advice during your infertility treatment is good for you.

Increasing Age

Age is one of the prominent causes of Infertility. Due to increasing age, the reproductive capacities of humans start declining. These may cause you problems in pregnancy. Therefore, you should get advice from your doctor about your pregnancy.

Hormonal Disorder

Imbalance Hormones are the cause of many problems in your body, and Infertility is one of them. In addition, hormonal imbalance may cause you some medical conditions like PCOS and insulin resistance. These medical conditions will eventually create many complications and lead you towards Infertility. Also, controlling these hormonal conditions along with your infertility treatment will increase your cost of infertility treatment.

Wrong Lifestyle

Living a sinful lifestyle is the first step towards Infertility. So, if you love to live free with drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, don’t get surprised when you see yourself facing infertility issues. You should avoid these lifestyles from the start to live a healthy and fertile life.

Medical Conditions

Several medical conditions can cause Infertility, and many of these medical conditions mainly cause pregnancy complications. However, it is possible to control or eliminate these medical conditions. Which is going to increase your infertility treatments cost. These additional medical treatments may include fibroids surgery and genetic screening.

Combining these causes for Infertility will also increase your infertility evaluation cost. So it would help if you took note of all of these conditions. Before any of these causes for infertility start showing signs.

Infertility Treatments Cost for Various Treatments

Knowing about the various treatments involved and their average costs will help you immensely if you are going for infertility treatment. So, let’s have a look at these infertility treatments.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is the quickest treatment for Infertility because this treatment deal with male Infertility. In this treatment, male semen is taken and filtered to increase its concentration and inserted directly into the women’s womb. In case of unhealthy or infertile semen donor’s egg is used for the procedure. The average cost of IUI is 20,000 in India. However, IUI is less effectiveness can lead you to try another round of IUI that will increase your infertility treatments cost.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF is the most widely known treatment for infertility. It gives you various opportunities to conceive a baby despite your infertility conditions. Depending on your situation, your IVF expert can suggest several treatments under IVF to increase your chances of developing a baby. IVF is the best way to reduce your cost of Infertility. Because in ivf treatment you get all kinds of facilities related to Infertility under one roof.

IVF cost per cycle in India is around 1.25 lakh. If you look for its cost in any specific city where IVF is affordable, its cost may come down. Let’s take the example of Jaipur, where ivf is available at a reasonable cost. The IVF Cost in Jaipur ranges from 1 lakh rupees to 1.2 lakh rupees per cycle in Mishka IVF Jaipur’s most affordable and Successful ivf centre. So, stop worrying about the cost of infertility treatments and start thinking about your child.

List of Affordable Fertility Clinics in India

Let’s take a look at affordable IVF clinics from all over India. That way, you will find a suitable and successful ivf clinic near you.

  • Mishka IVF, Jaipur

Mishka IVF is Jaipur’s most affordable and Success-oriented IVF center. What makes Mishka so unique is their ivf success rate of 41% to 43% for women under 35, which is excellent compared to India’s average for the same conditions. These success rates combined with the affordable pricing of ivf treatment make it the best ivf center in Jaipur that provides low-cost infertility treatments.

  • Southend Fertility and IVF Center, New Delhi

Southend Fertility and IVF centre is a one-stop treatment centre for Infertile couples in New Delhi with an experience of almost 20 years. You can get all infertility-related treatments from the expert staff of Southend infertility. This one-stop infertility centre for New Delhi couples is a significant money saver for infertility treatments cost.

  • NOVA IVF Fertility Center

Nova IVF is one of the multi-specialist ivf and fertility centres that have multiple clinics all over India. At Nova, you can get complete infertility treatment despite your various medical conditions. However, most of the Nova IVF centres are located within the major cities of India.  Therefore, you may have to add the cost of transportation for your infertility treatment if you travel from different cities to get treatment.

  • Indira IVF

With a mission to provide affordable infertility treatments to the public of India, Indira IVF has clinics all over India. In Indira ivf you can get all Infertility related treatments near your city. whether you have male infertility problems or female fertility problems, Indira IVF got your back. So if you have Indira Ivf clinic near you, thank your god for providing you with such an affordable ivf clinic. These will save you handsome money in your infertility treatments costs.

  • Final Say About Infertility Treatments Cost

I hope you find out the facts about infertility treatments cost and various treatment-related to Infertility. These facts will help you determine your budget and finding an excellent, affordable infertility clinic near you. It’s best to choose a clinic that provides you complete care for infertility treatment; that way, you can save your precious time for treatments.