How ED Affects a Man’s Self-Esteem

How ED Affects a Man’s Self-Esteem

A man is a king of his own domain and a symbol of strength but how do you hold on to that strength when you feel like you’re losing a part of who you are? ED can have serious effects on a man’s self-esteem if they aren’t aware of the possible consequences.

Be aware of the potential pitfalls of ED by reading the different effects it can have on any man below. 

You Start to Lose Confidence

When you aren’t able to do the same things in life you’ve always been able to do, you start to have questions about yourself. 

You might wonder if you are still the same person or if you still have what it takes to live a fulfilled life. These types of questions can bring doubt into any man’s life, and when you can’t perform in the bedroom it shakes you to the core. 

Sex is one of our primal desires; without it, you shut down a part of who you are. That’s why experiencing erectile dysfunction can be so shocking and disturbing to the most confident parts of your being. 

The longer you are unable to perform like you used to, the more self-doubt sets in and your confidence loses its edge. When we no longer feel confident in who we are it allows other feelings to replace what used to be the strongest part of ourselves. 

This can have an effect in all areas of your life, not just your intimate relationships. When you’re at work and you feel a lack of confidence, you may not think of yourself as deserving of a raise or capable of completing a complicated project. 

Confidence is how we believe in ourselves and our ability to perform, in all areas of life. What might start as a lack of confidence in the bedroom just might end up in the boardroom. 

Depression and Anxiety Creep In

Remember that part about losing confidence and having other feelings replace it? If you’re not careful, depression and anxiety can easily creep in from erectile dysfunction. 

What do you have when you feel you’ve lost everything? Men, more than women, associate their sexual performance with who they are. It becomes a part of our personality. 

If the ability to perform is lost we can start suffering from negative thoughts about who we are as a man. We lose the ability to hold on to thoughts of us as powerful beings and providers for a family. 

When we lose the parts that are most important to our personality our negative thoughts become patterns. We repeat the same negative thoughts over a period of a couple of days, then a week, then a month. 

As the negative thoughts build, they become more ingrained in who we are becoming. A person who is more depressed about their situation. You may even be cognizant of your change. You may want to change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts, but don’t know what to do

That’s when the anxiety kicks in. You start to feel a sense of dread about your situation. You feel trapped, like you can’t get out. 

Erectile dysfunction challenges our personality and has the potential to change how we live everyday.

Your Relationships Would Suffer

You can probably assume what would happen to your relationships if these bad thoughts and negative feelings continue. Without the ability to overcome your emotional state, your relationships would suffer. 

You’d have a hard time being able to maintain the interest and empathy needed for your relationships when you, yourself aren’t feeling like who you normally are. 

The lack of confidence, depression, and anxiety would ultimately be too much for a couple, family, or friends to hold space for. 

These feelings would persist outside of your close relationships as well. Work relationships would also suffer if you were battling depression and anxiety. 

Erectile dysfunction can absorb a disproportionate amount of thoughts in your everyday life. When your mind is preoccupied you can start making mistakes or becoming forgetful, leading to even more feelings of inadequacy.

These mistakes could cause your work performance to suffer. You could be looked at differently in your workplace. Any further discipline you received would only act as a catalyst for the negative thoughts and bad feelings. 

Suffering from erectile dysfunction can have a large effect on your relationships and should always be considered when going through treatment. To get the support you need, you’ll need a strong group of people around you. 

Feeling a Loss of Love

When people are having a hard time they tend to pull away from those closest to them. We have a natural inclination to protect ourselves and stay guarded from harm. 

By doing this, we actually distance ourselves further and further from the people we care for most. Erectile dysfunction can make you feel alone and like you’ve got a secret you can’t tell. Regardless if you are trying to treat ED or not, the feeling can still persist.

The isolated feelings only push you further into isolation. You could start feeling like others don’t really love you anymore. What’s worse is if you do tell your family and feel they don’t love you as much because of your problem. 

This could lead to resentment and bitterness. The exact opposite feelings you need to be experiencing in a time where you need support and help. 

ED Has a Negative Effect on Self-Esteem

Men who experience ED can go through a range of negative experiences. They might feel a lack of confidence in who they are and experience a feeling of depression or anxiety about who they are becoming. Their relationships could suffer in and out of the bedroom, leading to a loss of feeling loved. 

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