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Green Coffee Beans – A key ingredient to attain flawless skin

Blemishes, dark spots, and pigmentation are a nightmare for every woman. Despite following the best skincare rituals, there are chances that these ugly marks can appear anytime throughout the day.  Blemishes not only affect looks but are also responsible for lowering confidence levels. The worst situations crop up when you have to attend any event, function, or your own wedding.  These unwelcome guests steal away the attraction of the skin and give a dull appearance to the face. 

Teenagers have to struggle a lot with blemishes due to their acne-prone skin that becomes the victim of blemishes and dark spots easily.  Although many brands have come up with anti-pigmentation creams and gels, their effectiveness is still a big question mark.

What do you mean by blemishes?

What do you mean by blemishes?

Blemish is any spot, mark, discolouration, or dark appearance of the skin.  The culprits that are responsible for such blemish marks are acne, exposure to sunlight, inflammation, smoking, pollution, hormonal changes, hyperpigmentation, stress, increase in the production of melanin, melasma occurring in pregnancy, poor diet, or other similar skin ailments. Blemishes can be identified with the skin turning red, brown, black, or white in some cases.

The major blemish-causing sun rays consist of harmful UV rays that can damage the skin badly, leaving the skin to appear dull, darker along with pigmentation marks. Thus, it is suggested to keep your skin protected from harsh sun rays with the application of sunscreen whenever you step out of the house and even inside. This is because the strong rays of the sun are present everywhere

What to do to get rid of the blemishes?

Although there are various over-the-counter medications, ointments, and creams available in the market that claim to make skin blemish-free and even-toned. They might carry a high price and a promise to make skin beautiful, but most of these remedies fall flat and fail to provide desired results even after regular use for months. 

Although there are a lot of DIYs and skin masks that you can make at home to prevent blemishes, it is necessary to first understand what is the reason behind the occurrence of blemishes.  From oils, shea butter, aloe vera gel, egg mask, to applying curd on the affected area there are a lot many DIYs that many individuals have experimented with but failed to achieve the desired result. The purpose is to find out either the root cause and take the medication if the condition is severe.  

However, not every case of blemish, dark spots and pigmentation require medical help when it can be treated easily by some of the natural ingredients. One such natural gift of nature is green coffee beans that are loaded with antioxidant properties. Green coffee beans are the seeds of coffee fruit that is not roasted. Besides being consumed for its various health benefits, green coffee beans are used in various ayurvedic creams for pigmentation.

How effective are Green Coffee Beans?

To treat dark spots, blemishes, and pigmentation marks green coffee beans have turned out to be a perfect solution.  Skin and beauty products made from green coffee beans have shown remarkably positive results in brightening the skin, improving texture, and treat acne. This is because green coffee beans consist of Chlorogenic Acid and Polyphenols that combine together to work as antioxidants for the skin. As a result, the compounds present in the green coffee beans fight with the free radicals and helps in repairing the damaged skin.  Green coffee beans are used in various ayurvedic formulations as blemish removal cream, apart from being a highly popular ingredient in herbal products and cosmetics to hydrate, detoxify and moisturise the skin. 

How do green coffee beans help in attaining blemish-free skin?

According to Ayurveda, green coffee beans tend to have various compounds that act as anti-ageing agents for making the skin smooth and healthy. As such, green coffee beans are used in various ayurvedic skin-care remedies for attaining glowing, blemish-free and healthy skin. When face scrubs, masks and creams are loaded with the goodness of green coffee beans then the results are going to be extraordinarily satisfying. Let us discuss how scrub, pack and cream having green coffee beans can help in making skin perfect and nourished.

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  • Applying Face Scrub 

The scrub should be massaged on the damp face in a circular motion with fingertips for at least 2 to 3 minutes before washing off the face with cold water. The face scrub takes away the impurities and also removes the dirt, dust and debris of pollution from the clogged pores. Consequently, the oily and sensitive skin can get relief from the issues of regularly occurring acne. 

  • Religiously Apply Face Mask

On the other hand, Green Coffee Beans infused face masks tend to make the skin firmer, brighter, and tighter. The mask should be applied to the face and neck for a minimum of 15-20 minutes and should be washed with cold water.  It not only makes the skin radiant but also ensures that the anti-inflammatory properties keep the skin flawless, supple, and rejuvenated. 

  • Consistently Use Day And Night Face Cream

Ayurvedic cream for pigmentation that consists of Green Coffee Beans has shown remarkable positive results by making the skin even-toned, improving the skin texture, and being blemish-free.   This anti-pigmentation cream along with scrub and face mask that have coffee beans when used regularly has proven to remove blemishes, nourish the skin and slow down the signs of ageing.  

The free radicals break down the collagen of the skin to make it appear saggy, ageing and uneven, while the green coffee beans blemish removal cream fights with the free radicals. Ultimately, it prevents the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines by promoting the production of collagen that gives a youthful look to the skin. 

It would be right to say that Green Coffee Beans are an excellent and effective antioxidant and skin-replenishing ingredient that has paved its way in many beauty and skin-care products. Make Green Coffee Beans a part of your beauty regime and find yourself looking younger with blemish-free skin every time you look into the mirror.