Effective Benefits of doing yoga in a green living space

Effective Benefits of doing yoga in a green living space

Concrete, noise, traffic, and pollution are all that is left to experience around us nowadays. These factors are responsible for making us sick gradually. All of these things leave severe impacts on our mental and physical wellness. Some of us may be unaware of the fact that greenery acts as a medicine to ease fatigue and stress, and green walls provide us a connection to nature that is missing in this concrete jungle.

The central objective of yoga is to make our body healthy and strong and our mind peaceful and focused. Regular practice of yoga and meditation intensifies both mental and physical – stamina and strength. The role of nature is correspondingly significant in building our mental and physical welfare, quite the same as yoga. A study shows that having a view of green space reduces symptoms of discomfort because we share an evolutionary bond with nature. Air quality is one of the most important aspects of green space as it filters toxic substances from the air to make it pure. That is not all. It also leaves a positive impact on our mind and body, soothes our aura, and helps in finding ultimate peace while meditating.

Imagine having a plant-filled oasis, airy space, gleaming floor, the sight of greenery, colorful curtains, and warm-toned walls – feels like heaven, isn’t it? You’re detoxifying yourself with asanas, pranayama, and meditation amid refreshing and soothing surroundings. You may add benefits to your yoga practice by applying some of these tips and tricks to maintain a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. Let’s learn some more benefits of yoga in green space.

Why you must care about going green as being a yogi?

Ecology and yoga make a comprehensive pair. Ecology is inherent in yoga since ancient times. We can feel this connection through the asanas like downward dog, sun salutation, or hear our instructors saying words like ground or roots. We may link our today’s need of practicing yoga in green space with that of the ancient times when yogis and sages practiced and lived in harmony with their environment.

In ancient times, yoga was taught and practiced outdoors perhaps beneath a tree without yoga mats that would have been made of straw. Expanded consciousness which we gain through yoga leads us back to the connection with our surroundings and helps us in maintaining the connection between the inner world and outer world through which we can maintain this connection between our daily lives.


Purity of the body, mind, lifestyle, and breathing leads to greater health. A stronger mind and body is the result of discipline and purity which we maintain through exercise. When we even out our thinking, mind, and speech we bring orderliness to our life, by clearing the ways for energy to flow through you.

As a part of the environment and the flow of energy, plants can aid in the purity of maintaining our yoga environment. Possibly not in the metaphysical standpoint but also in the real-world as plants are scientifically proven for purifying the air and maintaining a pure environment.

Visibly calm

Nature awakens our senses. When we practice yoga in natural space, our eyes can see natural colors, our ears can listen to birds chirping, and we absorb sunshine, instead of stuck into a blue screen all the time. Waking up early, going to the park for practice is not everyone’s cup of tea. Good news for you, plants can give you a joy of calm and peaceful sight in the room as well. Plants bring you close to nature rather than presenting the shape, clutter, scent, and purpose. You may also keep a calming color on the wall to bring a sense of peace which encourages you to exercise. Try to make your room as natural looking as you can. The faint scent of greenery and potting soil will bring purity and calmness in your life. The fresh air you breathe while exercising will keep you energized and enrich your life both physically and visibly. So don’t forget to add plants to your yoga environment.

Kick-start your lungs

You may not know that our lungs have six liters of air capacity. When you practice yoga in the green space, it ensures a better quality of oxygen, which, helps in breaking down toxins, and pollutants that have been accumulated in your alveoli. When we breathe in and out in the open air, it improves the functioning of our heart and lungs.

Vitamin D: our daily dose of calcium

Vitamin D is essential for healthier bones. In many countries, for example, in the USA, people have a low level of vitamin D as the result of the limited number of exposure to the sun. You may be surprised to know that lack of vitamin D in the body leads to an array of health hazards like depression, cardiac arrest, and cancer. You must start practicing yoga in the open space to fill the daily dose of your Vitamin quota.

Improves listening and concentrating abilities

Studios or home cannot compete with nature when it comes to serenity. The soulful music playing in the background is far from the real sound of the nature. When you perform yoga in the natural space, it helps in improving listening skills as we’re far away from irritating car honks and other noises. We can build a connection within us without any distractions.

Outdoor yoga is intense

When we practice yoga outdoors, it needs a high level of concentration because of the uneven terrain. This helps us sync with our environment to enhance the intensity of the practice. You may embrace the elements of nature like sand, sun, wind, and water. For example, warmth of the sun helps our muscles to be more flexible. 

No need to fight for floor space

Yoga studios are gaining popularity in the cities day by day, and we can find the mad rush to these studios. When you practice yoga out in the open space, you no longer need to adjust your poses in a smaller space. You can execute your poses without squeezing because there’s ample space.

Emotional cleanliness

Practicing  yoga in the open space helps you resonate with your surroundings as the same  Ayurvedic herbs playa an important role in our life  and for deep knowledge about this you can go with  Ayurveda Courses in India. When you put your foot on the ground, it helps in matching the frequency with the surroundings. It also makes your heart more receptive and syncs the rhythm of your heartbeat with the environment. When your heart is sync with your soul after this process, emotions arise and help in lightening your feelings. This also helps with self-realization and boosts your confidence.

Author Bio:

Bipin Baloni is a yoga teacher from India and his core specialization is in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. He organizes Yoga Teacher Training in India in different cities. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and Health.