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Do Antibiotics Affect Birth Control?

We all need to use birth control medicines to prevent unwanted pregnancy. One thing that concerns most women is whether birth control also has drug interactions. Women wonder whether being on other medicines may hamper the birth control effects of the pill. This is a valid query. We wish to answer this through this post. Here we have shared how the different antibiotics may interact or interfere with birth control pills. This knowledge will help you make wise choices regarding birth control. It will also help you effectively prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Antibiotics That May Interact with Birth Control Pills

Do Antibiotics Affect Birth Control?

The good news is that most of the antibiotics do not interfere with the action of birth control pills. This makes it safe for use antibiotics side by side with birth control pills and measures. However, there is one antibiotic that may interfere with the action of birth control.

Rifampin (Rifadin) is a medicine prescribed by doctors to patients suffering from tuberculosis. This medicine is known to make your period irregular. This also increases the chance of pregnancy inspite of hormonal birth control measures. If you are on this medicine, you need to consult your doctor regarding the best birth control option to choose to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Seizures Medicines and Birth Control that Don’t Work Well Together

Epilepsy or seizure disorder is a nervous health issue found in some women. These women may be prescribed seizure medicines. Some of the seizure medicines are known to interact with the action of birth control. These are Dilantin, Luminal, Primidone, Tegretol and Felbatol. If you are on any of these medicines, you must consult your doctor while using birth control. All these medicines tend to cause excessive breaking of hormones. This could act against the birth control effect of the pill. When you consult a doctor, he may suggest another more effective method for birth control.

HIV Medicines that Don’t Go Well with Birth Control

Do Antibiotics Affect Birth Control?

HIV (Human Immuno Virus) infected women also have reason to worry. There are some HIV medicines that may interfere with the action of birth control measures. These include Darunavir, Lopinavir, Efavirenz and Nevirapine. If you are on any of these medicines, you must consult a doctor regarding the right birth control.

Anti-fungal Medicines and Birth Control

Doctors prescribe anti-fungal medicines when you are suffering from a fungal infection. There are some anti-fungal medicines that may interfere with the action of birth control. These include Griseofulvin used to treat jock itch and athlete’s foot. Another medicine of this kind is ketoconazole that is prescribed as the last option for anti-fungal treatments. However, the interference of anti-fungal medicines is very less. You may consult a doctor to know whether it is a good idea to use your birth control with these anti-fungal medicines. He may be able to prescribe the best option for your health.

How to choose Birth Control While on Other Medicines?

There are many reasons why a pregnancy could be unwanted. Here we have listed out a few of the possible reasons:

  • The couple already has children and does not want any more off springs.
  • The couple is financially incapable of handling a child’s responsibility.
  • The couple is not sure about the relationship and does not wish to go for a child.
  • The mother is ill and cannot bear a child.

In either of these cases, a pregnancy is not desirable. It is vital that you take measures to prevent the unwanted pregnancy. There are many different birth control methods to choose from inorder to prevent pregnancy. Here we have listed these out:

Male Condoms

These are among the most common forms of birth control. Latex condoms need to be pulled over to cover the erect male organ prior to insertion. This prevents the man from ejaculating inside the woman’s vagina. It prevents pregnancy and is quite effective. The male condoms also help to protect against a number of sexually transmitted diseases.


Vasectomy is a small surgical procedure for male sterilization. In this method the tube connecting the sac to the penis is surgically cut. This ensures that the male semen does not contain any more sperms.


The intra uterine device (IUD) is inserted into the female vagina so as to prevent her from getting pregnant. Hormonal and copper IUDs are available in the market. The duration of effectiveness varies based on the type. It is a long-term birth control method.

Hormonal Birth Control Pills

These are the most common means of birth control used by women. These are of two types. The first is combined pills that contain oestrogen as well as progestin. The other type is the progestin only pill. The hormonal birth control methods are pretty effective in preventing pregnancy. They also help to deal with a number of menstrual health problems in women.

Emergency Birth Control Pills

These are birth control pills to be used if you have had an unplanned intercourse. These have high levels of oestrogen and progestin. These can disrupt your cycles for a couple of months. That is why these medicines should not be used instead of regular contraception.

All the hormonal methods of birth control have a tendency to interfere with medicines. It is thus vital that you consult a doctor. Ask him whether it is safe to use the birth control method while on your medicines. The doctor may enquire you a figure of questions. You need to answer him honestly so that he can provide the right consultation.

How to buy birth control pills online?

It is easy to buy birth control pills online. You just need to visit the online pharmacy and pick your birth control option. Add it to the cart and make your payment online. There are several options for making payment online. You can choose card payment or use the different online wallets. Once you place the order, the medicines will be delivered to your door within the stipulated time. Choose stores with free shipping to your locality and save a few quick bucks.