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Check Awesome Activities You Can Combine With Yoga

Are you on for a yoga retreat program in Rishikesh? This is one of the best plans you have will give you supreme energy and keep you out of the city life. If you distressed a lot and don’t want to be a part of noisy, disturbing and stressful life at all, this is a high time to look for a yoga retreat program and nothing better and affordable than Rishikesh. This is one of the beautiful cities to travel to India.

Just plan to visit Rishikesh and you will find lots of things to do here, will be a perfect stress buster journey for you. One can expect moving up with yoga and at the same time ensure to get ample time to roam all around and to other various activities will be a perfect break for everyone. Don’t know what exactly you can combine with yoga in order to get the ultimate peace and motivated life ahead? This post is just for you to learn everything about the activities and try them out to get everything you expect from life. You open new doors to rejuvenate yourself and start enjoying the life ahead. 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is a great way to learn more about yoga and meditation.

River Rafting

If you are daring and would like to have fun, it is time to do something with a bravery feel. Must know if you are in Rishikesh, your trip can’t be complete without a river rafting, hence one should go with this so best adventure activity in Rishikesh. If you’re an adventure-junkie and have some guts, you just go with the reliable service provider and have amazing fun you ever had before. There are good locations available for river rafting.

Bungee Jumping

Again, if you love fun and can go to any miles to attain great adventure, you can’t miss out on Bungee Jumping at all. Lose yourself while bungee jumping in Rishikesh with friends from a height of more than 80 meters above the ground with full safety. This will surely be a hilarious experience for you and this is something you can’t miss out. Go for it and check the beauty of the Rishikesh – so much greenery, ultimate views of mountains, river Ganga, temples and everything from a height and feel the gravity. You will have breath-taking time while doing bungee jumping, once you do this here that’s going to be a part of your memories.  

Flying Fox

Would you like to be more adventurous and looking to check your strength? Just go with the fly fox session, which is an activity very similar to zip-lining. One will need to go with the activity, which will involve sliding from two attached points along a horizontal drop. The activity will be conducted over the Ganges and you will need to cross it up by showing your courage, strength, and power and it will be great fun.

Camping in a beautiful location

Camping will be so much fun to see real Rishikesh and have a great feel of camping life. This is the city blessed with a rich cultural history surrounds by natural beauty, beautiful mountain range and the serene Ganga river that flows through it, hence anybody can have so amazing views, it will be very peaceful. The city is a combo of the modern and golden era into one place so one should go camping on the banks of the Ganga to enjoy everything to the fullest. You can take the support of camping service providers over here for safety purposes.


Searching place for trekking in India? Rishikesh is the best place for trekking and one can expect several destinations over here to be used for trekking. This picturesque valley is fully surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna, which makes the city best for trekking. One can make a plan to trek to the base of the Himalayas or they must visit nearby places, including- Gangotri, Yamnotri, Kedarnath or Badrinath is a very beautiful and spiritual place as Rishikesh.

Also, if you are here, you must witness the Ganga Aarti every evening and this spiritual aarti shouldn’t be missed out at any cost. Additionally, The Beatles ashram, experience Ayurvedic massage, LakshmanJhula, amazing temples and many more other various things one can experience to get all peace. You can also visit nearby places in Rishikesh. If you are a yoga lover, then you can join yoga classes according to the days you have. Ultimately you have so many things to do while staying in Rishikesh. This is very peaceful for one after a long stressful schedule. If you want to become a certified yoga teacher and start your own yoga school then you can check out the list of top yoga teacher training courses.