Fitness & health guest blog post

Cheaper Alternatives to In-Person Fitness Classes

Fitness classes stand out as a way for you to exercise and get solid advice on your routines. However, fitness classes can quickly add up in price and become financially difficult to sustain. This means you should look into cheaper alternatives to in-person fitness classes, so you can work out while also saving some money.

Online Videos

You can always hop online and look for workout routines people created on the internet. For example, you may find some YouTube channels dedicated to fitness classes, so they can offer you various exercises to help you stay healthy. As you go online, you can find fitness classes of varying lengths to meet your needs.

These classes may require you to have some equipment at home, but other ones may not require anything. On top of that, you can find different fitness levels based on your workout experience, so make sure you review the various options available. You may even have some workout routines on streaming services, so you should check those out.

Online Classes

If you can’t pay for in-person fitness classes, you can look for online classes and take advantage of them. Unlike videos, online classes can come in the form of live streams and similar platforms to meet your needs. You may have to pay a monthly subscription for online classes, but you may love the variety and options included with them.

When you go online and search for classes, you can find the type of exercise you want to focus on. For example, search for online yoga classes if you want to become more flexible, less stressed, and build core strength. Online classes can be on certain days/times or on-demand depending on the program you decide on. Keep that in mind when searching for a class. 

Going to a Gym

If you want to get out of the house while exercising, you can always go to a gym instead. Gyms allow you to use equipment you don’t have room for in your home while also allowing you to get out of the house. Gyms work great for some people since they can create workout routines based on what they have available.

Even if you don’t know much about fitness, you can always go to the gym and ask others for advice. Look for someone experienced and talk once the person finishes his or her reps. You can ask them questions and see if he or she has advice for your exercises.

Exercise With Your Friends

Working out on your own can make it difficult, so you may want to workout with others you know. Many people form workout groups with their friends, so you could do the same. Do your best to find some friends around your fitness level, so no one feels like they get pushed too hard or too little.

If you exercise with friends, you can encourage and hold each other accountable while exercising. You have the opportunity to work together and get everyone to commit to exercising, so you can all maintain a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing motivation and not exercising if you don’t have some support from others.

Looking At Online Fitness Plans

If you don’t like watching videos, you can always look for online fitness plans for more options. Online fitness plans mean you go on websites and see what fitness plans people have created. Depending on your situation, you could even hire a trainer for a bit and see if he or she can help you create a fitness plan based on your fitness needs.

If you don’t want to deal with custom fitness plans to save more money, you can easily look up ones on web pages. They can give you specific exercises, the number of reps required, and their corresponding lengths, so you have plenty of options when picking an online fitness plan.


Finding cheaper alternatives to in-person fitness classes can help you save some money and avoid problems. You can also find new ways to exercise while ensuring you give yourself some structure to stick with it. As you do so, you can help yourself work out more while also ensuring you save your money, so you can spend it on some necessities.