Popular Breakfast Food

Cereal is a popular breakfast food, but it’s often loaded with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients

There variety of cereals available in retail stores and it can be hard to choose the best one out of them. Cereals are one of the top selling breakfast item in the world as people love cereals in their breakfast. Children as well as adults are in love with this food item as it is known to have many benefits for your health. We all have heard about the multiple benefits of cereals but have we ever thought about the harmful ingredients cereals have? Not many people talk about the harmful ingredients used in the making of the cereals. Cereals are available in different flavors and you can find a vast variety of custom cereal boxes in the market. The cereal brands claim that cereals have a lot of health benefits and this is why we end up buying one or two boxes of cereals. It is true that some cereals are made with useful ingredients that are good for our body. Some ingredients included in the cereals provide a wide array of nutrients to our body. These cereals are made without the added sugar, sodium and artificial ingredients and they are safe for our body as well. There are many other cereals that are harmful for our body.  Cereals from many brands are just a bowl of cookies and don’t have any health benefits for our body. Food manufacturers are competing against each other to attract the consumers. Whole-grain cereals don’t consist of any harmful additives but there are many cereals that can harm your body in many ways. The following are the harmful ingredients that are included in cereals.

Added Sugar

According to leading researchers in America there are many Food items that can cause Obesity. Children consume a teaspoon of sugar with every single bite of a cereal as cereals contain a large quantity of sugar in them. Cereals are marketed as healthy ingredients but not many brands mention the amount of sugar that is included in cereals. Many adult cereals contain per cup of sugar which adds around 100 extra calories to your body early in the morning. If you take so much sugar in your breakfast then your whole day will be lazy. The most common sweetener that is included in the making of the cereals is high-fructose corn syrup. According to experts the sweetener is responsible for causing obesity in humans. It is more fattening than regular sugar and can cause a lot of harm and damage to your body.  If you want to reduce your sugar intake, then you should buy cereals that have less amount of sugar included in them. Cereals are high in calories only because the 10 percent of their calories come from sugar. Make sure to buy cereals that have less amount of sugar included in them.


All cereal have a large amount of carbohydrates in them. The processing procedure used in the making of the cereals reduces the nutritional quality and this is why cereal’s carbohydrate content increases significantly. Whole-grain cereals, that include steel-cut oats, whole-wheat, quinoa or whole-oat cereals, have a lot of fiber which makes that less fattening and low in calories. These cereals include a little amount of starch and a small amount of sugar which makes them low in calories. The highly processed cereals, the hull and germ are extracted from the grains. These grains are then combined with additives and preservatives which make the cereals unhealthy. The cereals generally contain starch and sugar, and don’t have much fiber. If you want to buy a cereal that is healthy and low in calories then you should opt for cereals that are high in fiber. Such cereals contain less sugar and will help you to reduce your fat.

Artificial Colors

Many cereals are made with artificial colors. These colors are known to be harmful for health and pose multiple health risks. Cereals are made using artificial colors because the cereal brands want to increase the visual appeal of the cereals. However they don’t consider the health risks that it might cause to people.  In 2007, a study that was published in “The Lancet” revealed that some artificial food colors are the biggest cause of the likelihood of hyperactivity in children. Food colors are made with a certain kind of harmful chemical petroleum, which contains carcinogens. This speed up the development of cancer and can cause different kinds of tumors in human body. It is also observed that many people who consume food with food colors get affected by skin allergies. A high percent of people have experienced allergic skin reactions because of the harmful colors included in food items like cereals. Food dyes and colors pose a lot of health risks to the food consumers so it is best to avoid cereals that have food colors included in them. The cereals that include food colors may pose a lot of health risks for a human body so make sure to avoid them at all costs.


Breakfast cereal is made with sodium, bran flakes and oat squares which contain 200 to 300 milligrams of sodium in each of its serving. According to the studies 2.3 grams of sodium per day keeps your blood pressure at a safe level. Many people exceed this amount by 1 gram and this can lead to serious health risks. If you start your day with more than 10 percent sodium then you might not be able to stay within the recommended number of sodium intake for your body. It is best to choose cereals that contain no sodium or less amount of cereal. If you consume food items with too much of sodium then it might cause a lot of damage and harm to your health and body.


Cereals are made with a wide range of harmful chemicals that are harmful for your body. Many cereals contain harmful chemicals like Preservatives, artificial flavoring and texture enhancers. These chemicals are harmful for your body and can damage your health. There are many long list of ingredients that are included in the cereals that can be a harm for your body. The United States Food has revealed that chemicals like butylated hydroxyanisole, BHA, and butylated hydroxytoluene, BHT, are one of the most harmful and common preservatives that are included in the making of the cereals.  According to studies these harmful preservatives can be harmful for human body. These preservatives have caused cancer in rats. Other studies suggest that these preservatives are not safe for human body. The cereal brands include preservatives in cereals as they keep the cereals fresh. They also help to prevent illness due to rancidity. If you want to stay healthy and want to enjoy eating your favorite cereals as well then choosing cereals that include unprocessed whole-grain such as oatmeal, puffed rice or plain bran flakes is the best choice. Blank cereal boxes makes a creative and useful packaging for cereals that can help you to find all the information about the ingredients included in the making of the cereals. If you read the ingredients before buying the cereals that you can rest assured that you are getting good nutrition.