Benefits Of Taking The Yoga Teacher Training Course Online

Benefits of taking the yoga teacher training course online

The world has been shifting gradually from the physical format to the virtual format. This has led organizations, groups, and individuals to think of their lives in a virtual format. This transition was taking place at a snail’s pace until the arrival of a global recession and pandemic. The arrivals of the Coronavirus pandemic and the recessions have increased the pace of the transition and have forced people to adapt to the virtual interface.

What is yoga and is it popular?

Yoga is nothing but the unity of one’s mind, body, and soul. It is an age-old tradition and practice that has been brought down from generation to generation that works to create oneness and heal from both insides as well as outside. The art of yoga has gained fame only recently despite being among humankind for generations. People are beginning to realize the benefits of the art and are flocking towards it in huge numbers.

The increasing fame of yoga has led to the opening of various institutes that teach this art. Similarly, there has been a growth in individuals aspiring to become yoga teachers. To become a yoga teacher you need to take up training and learn about the various nuances of the art. While this is a very lucrative prospect, the flow of knowledge and art has been considerably hampered by the ongoing pandemic.

Is it possible to conduct yoga in a virtual online format?

With the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, people are being forced to stay indoors and maintain social distance. This has led to yoga teacher training institutes thinking about providing yoga courses on a virtual platform. It is possible to conduct classes in a virtual format given certain conditions are met.

Furthermore, it has also been seen that the benefits of the online yoga teacher training course are far more than that of the physical course. Aspirants can try the Online 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course which is very beneficial. Thus, if you are still in doubt we will help you understand the benefits of the online course in this article.

Benefits of Yoga teachers training course in an online format

While discussing the possibility of conducting the yoga teachers’ training in a virtual format it has been seen that there are numerous benefits. As a result of this various institutes are conducting their yoga teachers’ training courses online. Concerning this, you can try the Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course which is very famous.

If you are in doubt about the yoga teachers training in an online format reading their benefits will help you decide. We have listed few effective benefits of online teacher training that are important to consider. Some of the top benefits of the yoga teachers training course in an online format are as follows:

  1. Helps save time in traveling and accommodation:

 In a physical or non-virtual platform of yoga teachers’ training program, the aspirants have to travel long distances that include traveling different states as well. This is because not many institutes offer yoga teachers training courses in the country. As a result of this, if the state they are traveling to is far from their current location, they have to invest time in traveling. Furthermore, they even have to look for a place to stay and thus time will also be wasted on accommodation. 

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With the online yoga teachers training program individuals can take the course from the comfort of their homes. As a result, the time is taken in traveling, finding accommodation, and daily travel will be saved and can be used elsewhere.

2. Is more Flexible and Efficient: The online yoga teachers’ training program is way more flexible and efficient when compared to the offline format. This is because it is conducted in a remote format. As a result, the participants can log in from any place they feel like and watch and re-watch videos to clarify doubts.

Furthermore, like in the physical format where if an individual misses a class the chances of getting the same are almost negligible, this does not pose a threat in the online format. Here if you miss a class you can always go back and take the class and not worry about missing important content.

3. Is very Pocket Friendly: The online yoga teachers’ training course is much more pocket-friendly in all aspects. This is because it is conducted in a virtual format and the requirements of the same are less. The only costs in the virtual format are the cost of the package of the institute where you have enrolled for the yoga teachers’ training. Apart from this, the other two costs include the cost of buying yoga clothes and a yoga mat. These costs are almost negligible. And lastly, there is a cost to obtain a device and working internet.

The above costs are very less when compared to the costs incurred in the physical format. The offline mode requires you to not only buy yoga mats and clothes but also pay for traveling expenses that include daily and long-distance and also costs of food and lodging. Thus the online mode is way more pocket-friendly than the offline mode. 

4. The online course is convenient: 

Convenience is one of the highest-selling factors for the online mode of yoga teachers’ training program. The online yoga training course allows the participants to not only log in from wherever they please but also watch videos in their own sweet time. Participants can also re-watch videos, reduce the pace of the same for their convenience, and even pause the videos in the middle of a pose to understand the same at their own pace.

This type of luxury is not available in the offline mode of yoga teachers’ training programs. This is because in an offline training program the instructors usually teach a huge batch and cannot stop the flow of the class for one particular student. Therefore, as far as convenience is concerned the online yoga teachers’ training is a better choice than the physical model.

5. The online course is safe in the current situation: 

Currently, the world is going through a deadly pandemic. The outbreak of the Coronavirus also called the COVID-19 pandemic has shock the world beyond imagination. Knowing the fact that the Coronavirus is invisible to the naked eye and is spread through close or physical contact, doctors and experts around the world have been advised to practice social distancing.

In such a format of things where social distancing is mandatory to stay safe and be protected the online yoga teachers’ training format is a better option when compared to physical training. Physical training may lead to the gathering of groups and crowds in a single place and this may lead to the contraction of the disease. Thus in these scary situations, the online yoga teachers training course is a far better option to consider.

6. Equally effective and recognized: 

There is a pre-conceived notion that gets circulated that if the yoga teacher’s training is not taken in the physical format the outcome of the same may not be very effective. Furthermore, the training obtained from an online teachers’ training program may not be as recognized as in the physical format. This is not at all true.

If the student has chosen their institute wisely, their certificate will be equally recognized as a physical training certificate from the same institute. The certificates will mention the amount of time that the student has invested to complete the training and get the certificate. Thus the certificate will be equally effective and recognized. Furthermore, the student will also have to perform in certain tests to get their certificates and this will help improve their effectiveness.

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7. The packages are often less costly: It has been seen that the cost or the fees of an online yoga training program is much less than that of the physical format. This is the situation even when the same amount of teaching hours or the same amount of training is imparted even in the online format. This is because in the online format the institutes that offer the training programs can save a huge amount of money in rents, the convenience of the instructors, and even time allotted to sessions. 

In the online formats, the instructors can impart training and teachings to a huge crowd located remotely all at the same time. This is because here the problem of space has been eliminated. Thus they are saving costs and can offer fewer packages or fees to the aspirants. This saves the fee cost to the students and is very lucrative.

Thus from the above, we can see that the benefits of the yoga teachers’ training in an online format exceed that of the training in the physical format. While some people may prefer to learn in an offline mode, the online mode can be considered with the current situation in mind and after taking into account its collective benefits.

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