7 Tips To Maintain Urological Health

7 Tips To Maintain Urological Health

The urinary system in both men and women is highly perceptive to infections and many other internal disorders. Almost many of the disorders can be caused due to underlying diseases or hereditary causes, many other factors caused due to bad lifestyle habits and personal hygiene issues. Personal hygiene infections are not only lead to infections but if left untreated further they caused major and serious problems like tumors. Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in old men. We are the best Kidney Transplant Surgeon in Delhi having a team for this treatment. By following some of the tips in your daily routine you can ensure good urological health over time. Some of the tips are mentioned below: –

  1. Drink plenty of water

It is important and applicable to both men and women in a country like India because most of the time where the weather is hot and humid there. A most common figure has quoted to 2 to 3 liters of consumption of water daily but it is self-willed and can be changed from person to person and from climate to climate. The important is you hydrate your body all the time and calculate the amount of your water consumption. Consumption of plenty of water helps you to stone formation in the gall bladder, kidney, ureter, and other areas of the urinary system.

2. Cleaning tips for men

It is an important factor to ensure the proper hygiene of penile health. Unsuspected males should revoke their foreskin while taking bath and clean out the smegma and white collection around the glans. This will further reduce the chances of inflammation and urinary tract infections from happening. Males should be thoroughly washed their penis and keep it clean too.

3. Don’t hold your urine for too long time

This applies mainly to women but it can be bad for men also. Holding urine in your body for too long can leads to an infection and it also makes bladder muscles weak that results in urine incontinence in the future. Especially women should be careful because they have short urethra leading from the bladder and thus have more chances to get urinary tract infection.

4. Avoid harsh soaps and use mild soaps to clean the groin area

The groin area is one of the most moisture areas because it is covered all the time. This covering makes it ideal for growing bacteria. It is important to thoroughly clean the area with mild soap. After urination, women wipe from front to back that is from the opening of the vagina to the anus while wiping down after urinating or cleaning. This will ensure that no bacteria go into the vagina as it can cause infections.

  • Tips for sexual intercourse

This is important for both men and women to urinate, wash and clean the area after sexual intercourse as it helps you to clean the bacteria that may come from your partner’s genitals to another.

  • Changes in certain Foods

Reduce the intake of caffeine from tea and coffee as it can irritate your bladder. It can also act as a diuretic which makes you the passage of the urine frequently. This will result in the weaker of your bladder. You must also reduce the intake of salt as it increases blood pressure and ends up in kidney failure. If you wish to discuss the Best Urologist in Noida, you can consult us.