7 Most Effective Cellulite Fixes and Treatment

7 Most Effective Cellulite Fixes and Treatment

  • Use creams that enriched with caffeine

There are plenty of topical creams that claim to eliminates and smoothes the cellulite bumps on your body. You will get plenty of skincare product which carries anti-cellulite property. There is some sciences baked product available in nature that effectively Wipeout cellulite. Caffeine is the ingredient that is famous for removing cellulite. Therefore, you can apply caffeine-enriched cream to reduce the patch of cellulitis. Cellulite comes from dehydration. However, caffeine hydrates your skin and increases the water retention property of cells. Regular application of caffeine cream reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. 

Some research study proved that applying coffee solution twice day offer amazing result because the dermis layer of your skin easily absorbs the caffeinated solution. It helps to decrease symptoms within six weeks. Massage with caffeinated cream improves the blood circulation in the targeted area and provides a tightening effect. Caffeine has intense skin tightening and toning effects. 

Apply Topical retinoids

Retinoid is a compound derived from vitamin A, the main source I beta-carotin. The source of vitamin A is carrots, bell papers and other colorful vegetables. Vitamin A prevents the signs of aging, including wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentations. Topical cream with 0.3% retinoids is super effective to reduce stretch marks and cellulite spots. It functions by increased the blood circulation on the targeted area and enhance skin elasticity and density. However, a dermatologist always suggested using retinoids extracted from natural sources because synthetic retinoids are not good for your skin.

  • Lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic massage technique is the most updated technique to reduce the appearance of cellulite. In two scientific studies, researchers proved that manual and lymphatic massage is effective to minimize cellulite bumps. A gentle massage stimulates lymphatic tissues, circulates through the body, and positively affects overall skin. It is an intensive regiment protocol. To make the lymphatic drainage treatment effective, take at least three seasons a week or take a one-hour session every day

  • Apply Bioactive collagen peptides

From the double bind placebo control study, it has been proved that women who have mild to moderate levels of cellulite, if administered a daily dose of 2.5 grams of bioactive collagen peptide, that enhance the quality of skin texture by improving the cellulite. It has the ability to lessen the sign of dimples and waves. Bioactive collagen peptides enhance skin elasticity, which reduces cellulite as the fibrous bands are enriched with more elasticity properties. Bioactive collagen peptides are a nutritional supplement that helps your body for overall development. It enhances the dermal density, increases the thickness of the skin. Dermatologists proved that thicker skin is a sign of healthier skin. According to practice, it has been proved that Bioactive collagen peptides take six months to remove cellulite completely.

  • Weight loss and toning muscle

The approach is tricky but strategic. It is usual that any person n irrespective of gender and age can develop cellulite. Even a skinny person can develop cellulite on some target regions by accumulating fat cells; s. Cellulite is not directly associated with a bodyweight of an individual. However, medical science supports the theory of weight loss and the removal of cellulite through muscle definition. 

Yes, weight loss or fat loss on the targeted area can decrease the appearance of cellulite. It enhances muscle toning, which alleviates the presence of bumpy cellulite developed by the accumulation of fat cells. It makes the skin firm and smoother.

On the other hand, research also shows that sudden drastic weight loss of an overweight person drastically increases cellulite’s presence, as the skin of the specific area gets loose, especially in women after pregnancy and weight loss.

  • Natural self-tanner

It is a new concept to blur out the appearance of cellulite using a natural self-tanner. Natural self-tanner is effective for mild to moderate levels of cellulite problems.

  • Exercise

Curtsy lunge.

Curtsy lunges support and strengthen the hamstring, gluteus Medius, and quads muscle. You may take the guidance from your trainer and learn how to perform it and which frequency you need to recover from it. Muscle building in the affected area also reduces the presence of cellulite. Strength-building exercises not only improve cellulite but also improve the overall body along with your immunity system. You should perform this excise 2-3 days per week.

  • Lateral Lunge

Lateral lunges also support and strengthen the hamstring, gluteus Medius, and quads muscle. You may take the guidance from your trainer and learn how to perform it and which frequency you need according to your body. You should perform this excise 2-3 days per week.

These are the basic treatment to reduce the appearance of mild to moderate levels of cellulite. You can perform them at your home. But if you have an intense cellulite problem, then treatment, as mentioned above, may not work. Therefore you must take the help of a dermatologist and cosmetic care surgeonCellulite Treatment in Dubai is available with different options. The doctor will suggest one according to your skin condition.