6 Tips to Choose Best physiotherapist in Delhi

When it talked about our health, or that of our loved ones we always want the best. Well, that’s what we at physiorevive want too. We ensure to deliver only the most suitable treatment to our patients. These things make us the best physiotherapist in Delhi. So far, we have treated over 50000 patients. We take pride in saying that the founder of physiorevive, Dr. Vikrant Bhardwaj and his team are the best physiotherapists in Delhi.

Dr. Vikrant Bhardwaj is not only an expert in physiotherapy but also is the first physio in India to complete all the certifications of Advanced Dry Needling from Australia. From time to time, he organizes various workshops and seminars to impart knowledge of Dry Needling. The way he treats his patients with the use of his expert knowledge is what makes him the best physiotherapist in Delhi.

What to look for in a physiotherapist?

How do you know if you are at a good physio clinic? What are the checks to look for? There are some signs that you can check for to tell if your physiotherapist is the best. Let’s check them out

  1. A good physio clinic, like physiorevive will give you the right vibe the moment you walk in. There are certain facilities that a good physio clinic would always have such as a space particularly dedicated to therapies. There are various scientific studies that have suggested that the best way to get rid of your pain and movement complaints is doing suitable workouts and hence becoming stronger. So, if your physio clinic does not have the suitable space, you obviously won’t be able to carry such exercises in the clinic.
  2. Next is how accurate are the answers of your physiotherapist are. As per many clients, the Q and A session with the physiotherapist help them a big deal to decide if the physiotherapist is best or not. Patients often are inquisitive about the cause and remedy of the pain. If the physiotherapist is not able to answer them or explain them in the right context and is not honest about the fact that he does not know them, then he is not the one. Clearly, in this case, your pain can just increase due to wrong or incomplete knowledge.
  3. At physiorevive, we analyze the results of the treatment every week. This helps us to make suitable changes in the treatment plan, if required. This is another factor that makes physiorevive the best physiotherapist clinic in Delhi. This part is not limited only to the context of courtesy but also helps the physio to understand what can be hindering the recovery process.
  4. Physiorevive being the best physiotherapy clinic offers something more than just the treatment to its patients. And that’s called the best treatment tailored as per the patient’s requirements. We study the entire medical history of the patients to make sure we leave no stone unturned while treating our patients. This may not be applicable with every physio, so you need to ensure that as a patient you are getting results. It’s completely fine that at one point or another it can happen with any physio, but what’s important is how they are coping with it. Are they flexible enough to change it and introduce you to some other way of treatment? Otherwise, the treatment sessions would just be a waste of time, money and effort.
  5. physiotherapists in Delhi should always have the experience of communication with all ages. At physiorevive, we have patients aged between 12- 82 years. And, we all know that we need to treat them with equal love, care and patience. However, the way we communicate with them varies as per their age. When treating a patient it’s not only about how you do the treatment, that comes later. What comes first is understanding them and empathizing with them. This sets the tone of the entire treatment correct and the patient becomes more comfortable. Treating an 8-year-old will need you to be more patient than you need while creating a 30-year-old. When you are treating pregnant patients, you need to understand that there is a lot going through their bodies right now and hence they need more care, attention and obviously more patience.
  6. Next is how you keep developing your skills as a physiotherapist. It’s important that you keep yourself up to date and in sync with the advancements of your field,  in order to provide the most accurate treatment to your patients. Learning new skills in your profession is a boon to yourself, your industry, and your patients. Patients would always prefer someone who is more knowledgeable and experienced for the treatment.