6 Main Reasons For Having Erectile Dysfunction

6 main reasons for having erectile dysfunction

  • The problem of erectile dysfunction is such a problem due to which no man feels happy in sex. Due to this, there is a lot of problems in sexual intercourse and there is disappointment in men. 
  • Doctors all across the world agree that ED must not be classified as a disease like typhoid or malaria, for example. ED, on the other hand, might be a sign of more serious illnesses to come. You can solve ED in men by using Generic Medicines like Vidalista tadalafil 60, Cenforce 200 Sildenafil, Fildena 150 mg at Genericvilla and etc.
  • As is the case with fever, which is not an illness in and of itself but rather a warning sign of the impending advent of a potentially fatal illness. When someone has ED, it is a strong indicator that he may be struggling from another condition that he is unaware of.

What are the reasons that lead us to erectile dysfunction?

Quit smoking

  • Smoking is a very serious problem and both men and women are addicted to it, because of smoking, many people have diseases like asthma and cancer, due to which they die. However, as more young people become addicted to smoking, the smoking rate continues to rise.
  • Organs are deprived of oxygen and circulation, causing them to operate inefficiently. As a result, if someone is sexually stimulated, not enough blood reaches the penis, leading to insufficient erections.

Drinking too much

  • Consuming alcohol is a very bad thing, but there are many people who cannot live without drinking alcohol. Alcohol is very harmful to the body, due to which excessive consumption leads to the death of many people. Conversely, modest amounts of alcohol can aid in the relief of stress and anxiety.
  • Consuming alcohol in excess, damages the nervous system in the body. The organs are no longer under the direction of the brain. Enzyme secretion is hindered, and blood supply is hindered.
  • In such cases, despite sexual arousal, all major blood pathways are blocked, resulting in erection failure.
  • This is why most smokers and alcoholics use ED pills like Fildena, Cenforce, and Vidalista from Genericvilla.


  • The sugar from the blood is not transported to the cells due to low insulin sensitivity. Diabetes, or diabetes mellitus, is the medical term for this disease. This can’t be taken with 100 percent accuracy, and the only way to regulate it is to keep an eye on the sugar levels.
  • Circulation cannot reach the penis in sufficient quantities due to excessive sugar blood levels, as the blood is no longer just blood but a combination of sugar and blood.

Eat more fast food

  • Fast meals have a high amount of harmful cholesterol in them. The body needs good cholesterol in the form of fats. Bad cholesterol, on the other hand, clogs the mouths of arteries that deliver blood to organs.
  • This causes the organs to be starved of blood, forcing the heart to pump faster to compensate, raising blood pressure and resulting in hypertensive. 
  • As a result, erection is impossible owing to a lack of circulation in the organs, including the penis. When cholesterol levels are higher than usual, this condition is referred to be obesity. Obesity individuals frequently suffer from diabetes and ED.


  • When a person is psychologically troubled, he is less inclined to seek sexual pressure. The explanation is basic logic: to stimulate sexual desire, you must be free of tension and worry. Otherwise, you will not be excited.
  • If someone is sad, they may become annoyed while speaking with strangers and want to be alone. Such a person would never consider having sexual relations. This is why, before treatment ED, clinicians conduct a depressive test on the patient.


  • Another factor that contributes to erectile dysfunction, or ED, is damage to the penile area.
  • As we all know, the blood to flow in the penile is what determines penile erection. So, if the region around the penis is badly damaged, as well as the arteries, this can have a significant impact on the blood flow through it.
  • If the injury is not serious, medication and surgery can be used to repair it, but in severe situations, the individual becomes a lifelong ED patient.


  • Given that erectile function is dependent on proper blood flow to the penis, any disease or medical issue related to the heart or other cardiac structures is likely to influence erectile performance. 
  • Although doctors aren’t clear how this disease causes ED, one idea is that increased arterial stress in the penis’ tiny arteries causes minute rips in the vessel walls. 
  • The arteries thicken and become less able to deliver essential blood to the porous, erectile cells of the penis when the tears are repaired.

ED Makes Us Safe in Contracting

  • Psychological illnesses, such as despair, are more common in ED patients. In today’s culture, an ED patient is generally mocked and ridiculed. The patient’s self-esteem and confidence are lowered as a result of this therapy, making him feel worthless.
  • This causes individuals to become psychologically disturbed, which eventually causes depression.
  • Meditate and practise yoga for at least 30 minutes a day to avoid such gloomy ideas.
  • Treat ED like any other disorder, not as a sign that you’ve lost your masculinity. Such ideas are the primary source of misery in their lives.