4 Corona Virus Safe Workplace Reopening Strategies

4 Corona Virus Safe Workplace Reopening Strategies


Safety at work can never be emphasized enough, especially during this unpredictable era of Covid-19. Religiously adhering to the WHO guidelines reduces workplace Covid-19 infections and possible fatalities. In adhering to these guidelines, you’ve to rearrange your office furniture and overhaul its setup. Here are four corona virus-safe reopening strategies that emphasize employee and customer safety.

Change the Office Layout 

Maintaining at least 6-feet distance is obligatory to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. In an office setting, that may mean installing physical barriers and creatively altering the layout.

Creative Work-Designed Exits and Entrances

Social Distancing Is Safer

Invest in nifty worker-designated entrances and exits. With designated workplace exits and entrances, workplace Covid-19 infections are tamed. These entrances and exits enforce the social distancing rule without implementing complex business operational changes. You may want to talk with an intelligent interior designer about the office setup.

Install Temporary Plexiglass

Install temporary plexiglass barriers and shields in high-foot traffic to minimize touchpoints. Plexiglass shields install seamlessly in employee desks, hallways, and conference rooms. Invest in smart workstation upgrades as well as they could help mitigate coronavirus infection. Employees need optimal privacy and less exposure to increase their concentration and output.

Creative Modular Workstations

Creative modular workstations and modern office furniture offer social distancing and luxurious seating. Consider curved workstations with smart components and vibrant colors that provide mental stimulation.

Install Smarter Ventilation and Air Filtration Systems

Installing niftier air filtration and ventilation systems is another creative return to office 2021 strategy. Covid-19 spreads through droplets released to the air as you cough or talk. Droplets comprise millions of tiny particles that linger in the air for hours. High-end ventilation and air filtration systems shoo away these particles, minimizing possible infections.

Final Touch Ups

Before reopening, ensure your HVAC systems and air conditioners are working optimally. Consider replacing the outdated ventilation and filtration systems. With smart HVAC systems, airflow is enhanced while all possible contaminants are thoroughly filtered out. Get the office windows and vents updated as well to improve ventilation.

Invest in High-End Covid-19-Safe Systems

Reducing the touchpoints in your workplace prevents the spread of Coronavirus. There are high-end and proven covid-19 safe systems to consider, including:

Touchless Entry Systems and Antimicrobial Hardware

Smart and high-end touchless entry systems comprise automatic door openers. These let workers enter and leave office rooms without needing to touch a door handle. Alternatively, buy emergency exit, door handles, and locks with silver ion coating. These are designed to curb the spread of viruses and bacteria in workplaces.

Consider Cloud-based Systems

Replace physical badges, key fobs, and cards with cloud-based systems. Moving your business authentication and credentials verification online reduces touchpoints. Shifting to cloud-based communication systems also curbs the spread of viral diseases. Voice-activated technology lets you manage multiple daily operations, minimize the number of possible office touchpoints.

Get Enough Hand Sanitizers

Washing hands multiple times a day with soap can also prevent coronavirus spread. Get everyone in your office to wash hands and sanitize multiple times. You’ve to install multiple hand sanitizer stations around your workplace to encourage workers to sanitize.

Get hand sanitizer stations installed around the entrances, conference rooms, restrooms, break rooms, and reception area. You may want to add personal stations in each of your employee desks. You’re sure to keep everyone safe if you offer every employee a sanitizer. Look for highly recommended and high-quality hand sanitizers.

Let’s Go Back To Normal

As you reopen business operations in 2021, you’ve to make your workplace Covid-19 ready.

Getting the office ready will save your workers from the risk of coronavirus infections. These four strategies will help reduce touchpoints, encourage sanitizing, and enhance office airflow. You’ve to understand not each of these strategies will work for your business.