Guest Post Guidelines

What to expect

We get a large volume of guest pitches, so please be patient with us throughout the process. We love to post unique ideas and informative content for users and search engines. Please do not Contact us for Free guest posts or Link Inserts

  1. Pitch response: If your pitch is chosen, we’ll do our best to respond within 1-2 Days. Please follow up in three weeks if you haven’t heard from us.
  2. Content should be more than 700 words (700-2000 words) with 1 external link & 1 interlink,
  3. Outline: Once we nail down the topic and title, we’ll request an outline. If the outline is approved, you’ll get drafting!
  4. Draft: If the draft meets our quality standards, we’ll move on to editing. If the draft does not meet our quality standards (i.e., it is thin content and/or cannot be improved without heavy edits), we will let you know that we cannot move forward with the post.
  5. Note – We don’t accept any spam or adult content/links related to these categories (Crypto/drugs/adult/casino/CDN/CBD/gambling)

Here’s how you can get your blog published

1. Only original, unpublished work – We don’t publish the ‘same old’ content. Ensure that whatever you have in mind isn’t already covered in our blog :). Just go to our search bar and check if a similar post exists.

2. Share a summary – Send us a 100-word summary of your article, along with the chosen topic and your author bio, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a confirmation if it fits.

3. Stick to our guidelines – Upon receiving confirmation, adhere strictly to the guidelines while writing the article, We don’t accept any Duplicate content or any spinning content

4. Email to it us! – Email your final post submission to Blogspotgurus@gmail. com

Follow THESE SIMPLE Steps for the blog post

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