Kraft Paper Packaging Boxes

Why You Should Use Kraft Paper Packaging Boxes

It was back in the early 90’s that businesses used the indistinguishable plain brown packaging boxes to pack their products. But, that’s no more an option! Also, retail businesses see boxes made from cardboard as an unattractive option to be used for 100% of their products.

Today, businesses need boxes that can perfectly do marketing and branding for them. And that’s how kraft paper boxes are increasingly becoming a popular choice for most brands. Qualities of kraft, such as the natural brown color, the rustic look, durability, and environmental friendliness are the main reasons for its popularity. Let’s now examine the importance of kraft packaging and how you can get innovative with this packaging:

What is kraft stock material?

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Kraft paper is made using the Kraft process, which involves chemically converting wood into wood pulp. The main structure-giving components in wood are lignin and cellulose. As lignin is not good for making quality paper, it must be separated from cellulose. And the process goes on until the pulp is washed to remove any left residual cooking liquors. It can then be formed into the various papers as the final product. Kraft in the German language means ‘strength’ and this quality alone makes it desirable for product packaging.

Why is kraft so desirable for packaging?

1 – Kraft has Eco-friendly Nature

The number one reason you should go for kraft paper over other forms of paper is because of its sustainable manufacturing process. Also, this material is recyclable – meaning it’s very sustainable. Usage of this paper for creating packaging boxes will show you as a responsible brand that cares for the environment. By doing so, you pass responsibility to customers that they either recycle the packaging or compost it in a simple land-fill. But, to make kraft paper 100% degradable, you need to make sure it’s uncoated – i.e., without any finishes on top. Because the addition of a layer of finishing increases the time it takes to degrade. Since the lamination layers of plastic are not compostable.

2 – Kraft Stock is Tough & Adaptable

A second very important aspect is the durable nature of this paper. Kraft packaging boxes are very resistant to pressure and rough handling. This quality makes kraft an ideal choice for packing from slightly heavier electronics to light apparel products. This also makes kraft packaging boxes ideal for shipping and e-commerce deliveries. Another amazing factor is the versatility. Kraft has the ability to be easily molded into many different box shapes. So kraft is a viable option for making packaging boxes for many different types of retail products.

Inspirational Ideas for Kraft Packaging

1- Eco-friendly Ink Option

While paper’s natural brown texture looks elegant on its own, you can go few steps ahead from here. Use high-quality yet cost-effective printing for branding that catches the eye. Kraft is in fact, a great material that catches perfect prints on top. But when doing so, go for inks that are water-based or soy-based. These inks are sustainable as compared with petroleum-based inks. Moreover, some popular finishing options to enhance packaging’s appeal are burnish foil stamping and luxurious embossing.

2- Custom Kraft Add-ons

Custom die-cut kraft inserts not just give organization and protection to products, but also make packaging aesthetically appealing. With well-placed products, inserts reduce the likelihood of damage during local delivery and shipping. Custom kraft add-ons such as punch partitions, dividers, and inserts add a touch of sophistication and enhance the customer’s experience.

3- Die-cut windows

You can cut out a window of any shape as per your product dimensions or hot features you’d love to exhibit. This can also be done another way around, which is to die-cut windows in artistic patterns such as floral to enhance the appeal. Kraft packaging looks even appealing when cut out to form a window or other patterns on it. 

Normally, a transparent cellulose sheet is there to cover the window cut-out. But, for environment protection concerns, you can also avoid the plastic layer and enhance the customer experience even more. This way, customers not only get a peak-sneak, but they also see your brand as responsible towards sustainability. Many brands have started doing this, and the customer response is positively encouraging.

4- Kraft-made Tray & Sleeve Styled Boxes

Apart from the sturdy mailer, you can go for another classic option i.e., the sleeve-style kraft boxes. These boxes enhance the unboxing experience with a luxurious slide motion as customers push in or pull the tray out of the sleeve. Kraft sleeve boxes are ideal for lightweight products and this way, the sliding motion work even better.


So, the natural brown coarse look, usage of plant-based inks, and a mention of cruelty-free practices help your brand automatically stand out in customers’ view, and they nurture loyalty and likeability for your brand eventually.

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