What is Banner Printing? 

What is Banner Printing? 

Banner printing is a type of commercial digitally printed poster that is mostly used for outdoor advertisements. Banners are often used for product and event advertising, as well as for brand awareness. With truly versatile dimensions and placement possibilities, banner advertisements are still an excellent choice for advertising. Their simplicity that comes in many formats makes them a good choice for digital posters, social campaigns, and personal use. 

Types of banners

  • Paper banner printing

Banners that are printed on paper are great for indoor use and as promotional material in smaller dimensions (but with more information). The paper is susceptible to weather conditions and is not meant to be sturdy. They are often used at exhibitions, trade shows, and other events related to promotional activities. If you need to give little pamphlets, informative guides, and catalogs, the paper banners might be the right advertising media for you. 

  • Vinyl banner printing

Banners that are great for both indoor and outdoor advertising, vinyl banners are made from durable vinyl material. It is the most popular option for outdoor advertisements. They can be printed in various sizes and are light and durable. As such it is easy to transport and hanged to be seen from far away. Horizontal or vertical, they easily catch the attention of the public. Another great thing about vinyl is that it is waterproof. Combined with its durability it can easily be used more than a few times. 

  • PVC banner printing 

PVC banners are another type of versatile banner material, used both indoors and outdoors for a wide range of purposes. Waterproof and thick, it is more sturdy than vinyl, making it an excellent choice for the banner that will be outside for weeks or months. Corflute signs are the best example of PVC banner durability. The construction, the renovation, the house sale, and essentially anything you want the public to see for months without care about weather and fading from the UV rays are the reasons for PVC.

  • Mesh banner printing

Mesh banners are advertisements printed on a mesh that has many little holes through which pass the light and the wind. They are a great solution for big advertisement media and to wrap around major fences or walls. They are popular for use at fairs to be seen from far away when hung high, or in the construction when you want to hide the ugly fencing and semi-stop the dust coming from the work done on-site. 

  • Fabric banner printing

The banner printing material is foldable and as such easy for transportation, the fabric used for banners is crease-free, scratch-resistant, and washable in a regular washing machine. It is great to use indoors or in the form of a flag or transparent, that is easy to carry. The eco-friendliness of a fabric banner counts in its recyclability and exceptional durability of prints (as most fabrics change colours when washed which is not the case with dyes and fabrics used for banners). 

  • Advantages of banners

Banners have multiple advantages as marketing materials, and it is no wonder they remained a popular choice even in the era of digital marketing. They allow easy-to-understand and easy-to-connect material for the public, no matter the message they are supposed to send. Some of those advantages are:

  • easy to make,
  • impactful,
  • durable,
  • reusable,
  • cost-effective,
  • available in many formats,
  • sustainable.

Banner uses

  • Business advertising

Whether you want to advertise a company and brand, the location, or a special offer, banners are the great media to send just the right message. The message should be easy to understand, and wherever you can use the principle “show, don’t tell”. If you are advertising a product it is best if the customer gets to experience some of it before buying. For example, if you are selling socks, show how fluffy they are, and show off the design by including multiple designs on the poster. 

Advertising with a specific call to action

With the already mentioned special offer for the businesses, a call to action is a type of message that inspires the public to engage with the message. This message can be a sustainable call to action like throwing garbage in the bin, not around nature. It can be an advertisement to download the game to get the special bonus in the time frame shown on the banner. Or it can be something personal, like remembering to call your loved ones. Connect the message with your banner’s goal and invite customers. 

  • Public organizations

The banners often have the use of brand awareness. This is meant not only for businesses but equally for civil and other organizations. If your organization is protecting wildlife, the banner can show the local endangered species and call to action to donate to save it. It can be to donate your blood or something like a government campaign for active participation in local activities. 

  • Social projects

Social projects often use banners to spread their cause, call for action, or to spread propaganda. Their aim is usually not to sell and get money but to inform the public. If the purpose is to save money it is often for charities or other fundraising activities with the obvious message of where to donate. 

  • Events

You must have seen banners for local fairs, concerts, or plays. These are all banners that are a part of a much larger campaign, but as the public is not always easy to notify if it’s advertised in targeted magazines and portals, the banners make a great solution to reach the new potential public.