What Immigrants Go Through and Who Can Help Them

What Immigrants Go Through & Who Can Help Them

In this post, we will see the problems immigrants and refugees face in a new country and how it affects them. We will also read about the solutions that are made available by the various not-for-profit organizations for these issues.

Traveling to a new country to live there can be intimidating. You might have no friends, no family, and no contacts in the foreign nation. You might be a little scared as well. It’s natural. But that doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of organizations offering newcomers settlement services to people who are looking to start anew.

Refugees and immigrants are often ostracized by society. This results in their exclusion from the benefits that the community has to offer. Nonprofit organizations seek to eliminate this disparity and establish equality in society.

The Plight of Newcomers

“A broken immigration system means broken families and broken lives.” – Jose Antonio Vargas

When a person enters the borders of a new nation, they are mostly at a loss of the direction they should take to get themselves comfortably settled in. They may have left their country for a variety of reasons, such as

  • An autocratic government
  • Life ravaged by natural disasters
  • Political asylum

Whatever the reason may be, settling in a new country is challenging for most due to the lack of familiarity with the new country’s working environment. This issue is smoothened by the nonprofit organizations working in tandem with government authorities to make the transition of newcomers convenient.

Problems Faced by Immigrants and Refugees

Not every immigrant is fortunate enough to find a place to stay immediately after arriving in a new country. Many are left to wander the streets and ultimately resort to begging. This outcome can be avoided if there is someone to hold your hand and guide you through the settlement process.

Here are some more problems faced by immigrants:

1. Communication – Immigrants and refugees may not be familiar with the language prevalent in the foreign country. This language barrier creates a lot of hurdles for the newcomers. Learning the native language holds importance as it is required in every field, including schools, jobs, or simply navigating the area.

2. Employment – A person journeying overseas may be leaving a job in their home country. Financial stability is crucial to surviving, and employment provides a person with the finances for living a stable life. Due to the lack of work experience in the new country or not getting their previous credentials recognized can prove troubling for a newcomer.

3. Housing – A place to call home is what everyone hopes for. But for those people that left their homes, finding a new place to stay is not a piece of cake without assistance. Without proper research and knowledge of the housing market, people are forced to live in public shelters or on the streets.

4. Prejudice – People from a race other than the residents of a foreign nation are often the target of societal prejudice and racism. Instead of being welcomed and made comfortable, they are made to feel like an outcast and like they don’t belong there. This can have serious repercussions.

Where Do Nonprofit Organizations Come into the Picture?

All the problems mentioned above require professional help to ensure that immigrants don’t go through various ordeals. There are several nonprofit organizations providing newcomers’ settlement services.

Let’s take a look at some of the services offered to newcomers by such organizations.

  • Employee services – Employment opportunities with optimal remuneration are provided to immigrants so that they can live a decent life with access to all the necessary facilities.
  • Refugee services – The marginalized and vulnerable refugees should not feel the same in their new homes. That is why nonprofit companies furnish them with work and study permits, legal support, and emotional support.
  • Settlement services – Newcomers with the desire to live legally are assisted by members of nonprofit organizations. They are provided with the essential settlement consultations to settle comfortably.
  • Healthcare services – Even in the trying times of the pandemic, nonprofit organizations serve health services to those people who require it. In addition, they help the community and local health workers provide the best healthcare services to the public.

Nonprofit organizations are instrumental in creating a warm and welcoming environment for immigrants and refugees through their newcomer’s settlement services.

When there is someone to guide the people arriving in an unfamiliar country, the process of settling in becomes easy. This results in the people or communities mixing well with the native residents, enabling a harmonious atmosphere. Nonprofit organizations have a team of volunteers who constantly aim to make the world a better place to live for people who need it to be so.