The Role and Contributions of Nonprofit Organizations in Our Society

The Role and Contributions of Nonprofit Organizations in Our Society

Each year, we celebrate Earth Day, World Environment Day, World Non-Violence Day, World Humanitarian Day, and many more. Despite so many days to awaken us from the mental slumber that prevents us from actively taking action to stop the atrocities on the environment and the people, the world is seeing worse and less good. A ray of hope is visible in the form of nonprofit organizations in Canada.

Nonprofit organizations serve as the bridge that connects underprivileged people and the neglected planetary ecosystem with the required solutions to make the world a better place to live in. They provide many services that can shield the people from falling into the depths of society’s suffering and the environment from deteriorating to the point of no return.

In this read, we’ll see how nonprofit organizations help people and the planet and how we can support their efforts. Let’s step into awareness.

The What and the How

We only progress when we band together with people looking to make a difference. The marginalized communities and nature can only be saved from exploitation when people decide to take concrete steps towards improving the quality of life.

To achieve this, nonprofit organizations have a team of purpose-driven individuals that undertake various measures to avert crises. Let’s look at a few of the key measures.

  • Initiatives to combat climate change – Climate change and global warming are the impending dangers to our society that are largely ignored but ever-present. As per NASA data, the global sea level has been rising at the rate of 3.3 millimeters per year, over the past 100 years. Regular weather changes are a part of a natural process. However, human intervention and exploitation largely since the 1800s has caused and still causing a gradual shift in the global temperatures and weather patterns.

Burning of fossil fuels, overuse of natural resources, deforestation and the establishment of industries every day have led to the world getting warmer faster than before. Groups such as IPCC and conferences such as COP have been continuously working to figure out ways to combat climate change.

Nonprofit organizations play an extremely vital part in climate change initiatives. They conduct mass tree plantation drives, and climate awareness campaigns and educate people about the various nature protection activities such as water harvesting, sustainable agriculture, etc.

  • Measures to help immigrants and refugees – Many people seek to relocate to another nation to escape from the conditions prevalent in their own country. They may be trying to escape from an authoritarian government, trying to flee a war-torn country, looking for a place where they have sufficient food and water, and many more such reasons.

When these people arrive in a new country, they are clueless about the norms and ways of the society and everything is alien to them. In addition, they do not have a place to stay, no acquaintances and no source of income.

Such circumstances require intervention from someone familiar with the customs and the circumstances of the country. Nonprofit organizations work towards this goal by providing various newcomers settlement services to immigrants and refugees.

Some of these services include employment assistance, accommodation help, skill training, healthcare and legal services. These services are sorely needed by people arriving in a completely new environment.

  • Purpose-centric services – A community is what binds people from different sections. If there is discord within the community, no one can live in peace. Constant strife will take place due to issues based on race, gender, ethnicity, political beliefs, etc.

Nonprofit organizations also seek to establish an equilibrium in society. They focus on instilling high moral values and ethics within the people so that everyone can live in harmony. When each person has the same rights and opportunities as another, society grows as a whole towards a better future.

How Can We Contribute?

You may wonder how a person with no contact with any nonprofit organization can find the best charity for planting trees, say for example. It is no complicated procedure. Simply searching online for a charity working towards an objective you are also passionate about will provide you with many options.

To help these charities achieve their goals, you can do the following:

1.  Donate – This is the most popular option among people seeking to make a difference in society. Since nonprofit organizations have no commercial interest in their activities, they need funding support from other sources.

To aid in their goals, they receive financial support from governments in the form of grants and support from the willing people in the form of donations. These essential sources of income direct their efforts to fruition.

2.  Social media awareness – If you find the work of a particular charity incredible and you think they are doing good for the planet and its people, you can tell your social network about them. You might not know but there might be someone wanting to join such an organization. If your post garners a lot of views, it can result in a lot of support for social initiatives.

3.  Share their work in your community – Every awareness campaign does not have to be digital. You can also share information about the campaign run by the nonprofit organization in your local community to drive more people towards the social initiatives. The more people join together to achieve an objective, the higher the possibility of its completion.

Nonprofit organizations in Canada are continuously working towards making the planet a better place for everyone where each person gets to live peacefully in harmony with others and nature. We should aim to contribute our bit to their efforts in any way we can.