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Top 10+ South Korea’s Manhwa in 2021

Manga is known as a “long pride” of Japan in the past decade, however; the emergence of webtoons made manga gradually fade away. Webtoon is a combination of web and cartoons, where readers are allowed to access unlimited stories. Webcomics makes an “invasion” into Japan and gets a huge number of fans who are fond of enjoying online titles instead of reading traditional printed ones. The changing context poses a question: Whether Japanese publishers should jump into the webtoons industry to draw more attention to keep their position or not? Among a number of ideas, Hideki Egami, a former editor at leading publisher Shogakukan, the answer is definitely yes. He stated that comic sales were declining, publishers could not stay still, they were forced to move forward and approached new technology.

Vertically optimized

A familiar format of stories was marketed then they were only promoted via online apps, such as “True Beauty” – a story about a girl who turned from an ugly girl to a pretty one – draw huge attention from readers. With the convenience of the Internet, audiences can easily read comics everywhere, every time via a phone with Internet access. Unlike traditional manga with black-white and being horizontally read manhwa scroll vertically and are in full color, which created a large fan base right after being introduced. Line Manga was established by messaging giant Line Corp. with 23 million users, which was driven mainly by two Korean webtoons “True Beauty” by Yang Yi and “Lookism: by Taejoon Park. Both of those stories dominated the top two spots in monthly subscribers raking in over the past 6 months. However, some kind of manga is not suitable for the online format, due to the size of letters of some manga is big/small in comparison with this of mobile phones. Mobile phones with vertically long, along with webtoons with vertical scrolling, will continue to bring the most convenient feeling for audiences. 

Localize or alienate

Although this popularity is growing day by day, readers probably do not know the origin of the story they are reading. Many webtoons have been translated, localized so that Japanese readers can feel more familiar. Lee Hyunseok, a former editor of the biweekly manga magazine Young Gangan, has had experience with localization. When he translated a Korean work titled “Along with Gods” into Japanese, he still kept the names and places or their characters. This has caused great controversy as they assumed they were outraged by mentioning Korea. Yukari Fujimoto, a professor of manga studies at Meiji University in Tokyo stated that people in Japanese are used to reading homegrown manga, and they felt bored when reading foreign comics. 

In addition to Manhwa Webtoon, Korean light novels are also excellent when conquering global readers besides Chinese novels, the Japanese novel, Korean Novel also has a revenue of 600 million USD a year and the largest consumption market.  is North America.

Myopic response

The Japanese publishers are very focused on taking care of their domestic readers, leaving foreign readers behind. Meanwhile, Korea and China manhua are turning their attention away from print works and gradually removing them from the mainstream. So manga works are gradually being overwhelmed. This situation forces the Japanese publisher to pursue webtoons in order to both attract foreign readers and develop print manga. The current trend is going with the times, moving away from comics and adapting to using the phone due to their convenience. With great success, Japanese publishers still believe that they need to develop the printing industry that is slow with the times. Mr Shonen Jump Plus saw the importance of vertical format in story sites, but he argued whether or not it was captured by the content, not the format.

The limits of webtoons

Manycomic Entertainment has consulted with the publisher that children are now too used to reading manhwa in vertical style and Japanese panels format is too difficult for them. But the answer is not to forget your traditions. Manycomic app is a popular manga platform with 98% manga and the other 2% webtoons. Although the reading manga is like watching a TV series, it is what makes manga so special. Webtoons also have their downsides. they evolve with technology, technology can also evolve in ways that we cannot foresee, so it is difficult to adapt. Manga has over 100 years of history, so webtoons are missing out on tradition.

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