Tips To Plan A Destination Wedding In Shimla Taking Care Of The Covid Precautions?

Tips to Plan A Destination Wedding in Shimla taking Care of the Covid Precautions?

Sending an e-invite isn’t enough when organizing a wedding during a pandemic in Shimla. In order to make it a memorable but safe event, you must maintain continuous contact with your guests and be on the same page with them. What better way to prepare them for the big day than to give them an ultimate wedding safety handbook ahead of time? Include everything in the guide, from the visitor numbers to the socially distracted seating arrangements to the vaccination status need. This will show your guests how concerned you are about everyone’s safety at your wedding and will enable them to make educated choices.


First and foremost, state unequivocally that being “fully/partially vaccinated” is a requirement for attending the wedding in person. You may do so by sending out save-the-dates or making other informal announcements. 


Another essential job is to ensure that everyone gets tested prior to the big day. To guarantee that no one is left out, remind all of your guests to bring their negative RT-PCR results to the wedding, otherwise, they will be denied entry. From the start, be extremely loud about it and mention it in all of your formal/informal contacts and invites.

The total number of guests 

Adhere to the government’s laws and regulations, and decide on a final visitor count. Once you’ve made your decision, inform your guests of the restriction so that everyone adheres to the plan and only brings their plus one (or two, or more) as recommended on the wedding invitation. The wedding banquet in Shimla must take care of the guest list.  

Checking the Temperature

Before departing for the wedding site, ask everyone to make a deliberate effort and check their temperatures. If someone isn’t feeling well or has symptoms like a fever, a dry cough, or a loss of smell, have them remain at home and participate in the festivities through video conference. Set a ‘no entrance’ provision for individuals who experience a temperature of 100.4 degrees or above on the wedding day. The wedding banquet in Shimla is equipped with the best for guests. 

Sanitation & Masks

Masks and sanitizers have become associated with must-have wedding accessories. While you must have made previous preparations to set up sanitization stations on your wedding site, it is their personal responsibility to always have masks on hand. As a host, you must establish specific safety guidelines and urge your visitors to wear their masks except while eating or drinking.

With a wedding in Shimla, you’ll be able to live your lifelong dream of getting married at a gorgeous place with an amazing view and with your closest friends and family members there for you to tie your knot with your perfect life partner, sounds like a not to be missed opportunity and definitely something you should consider.  

However, Organizing a destination wedding in Shimla is not as simple and straightforward as it may seem; there are many things to consider while planning your destination wedding.

Don’t worry, we’ve put together a guide on how to have a low-cost vacation wedding in Shimla. To create a list of everything you want to remember and be ready for your wonderful moments.

Everything You Need To Know About Planning A Shimla Destination Wedding- 

1. Climate Shimla’s climate is ideal for a spring or summer wedding. The spring season runs from late March to early April, while the summer season runs from May to June. Weddings should be avoided between July and September due to severe rains and landslides.

2. The Price of A Shimla Destination Wedding

When compared to other hill station locations, planning a destination wedding in Shimla is less expensive. This captivating town is home to some of India’s oldest buildings, which cater to a wide range of interests and budgets. Taj Theog Resort & Spa, The Oberoi Cecil, Woodville Palace, Hotel Willow Banks, and others are among the wedding sites to consider. Destination weddings in Shimla can be made a reality with the right place at the right time.

3. Connectivity It is essential to choose a location that is readily accessible and does not need visitors to drive long distances. Shimla is easily accessible by road, train, and air. 

You may fly to Chandigarh and then go from there.

4. Arrange Your Wedding at a wedding banquet in Shimla

Some wedding locations in Shimla, for example, may accommodate low-budget destination weddings in India. So you may either organize your wedding yourself within your budget or employ a wedding planner to relieve your burden if you desire a large-scale and spectacular wedding event.

5. Pre-Wedding Photography

You may arrange your pre-wedding photography in this beautiful city with gorgeous backdrops in addition to your wedding.