The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Flowers - 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Flowers 2022

There is not much else that is a cause for celebration than a wedding. In fact, out of all the events in your life, your wedding will be the event in which the most planning, organizing, and stress takes place. The main aspect of any wedding is the arrangement of flowers, but where do you even begin? You may well need a wedding flowers guide for the purpose, and depending on your theme, or not, you will find flowers to match.

Flowers add all the things to a wedding that weddings are made of – charm, elegance, style, and an atmosphere of fun mixed with romance. You can have a range of colors and styles, from dainty and bold, to gaudy and audacious. It all depends on the mood you wish to create. 

How Do You Know What to Pick?

If you’re wondering how to pick wedding flowers, with this guide to help you, you can rest at peace. For starters, you should always have fresh flowers, as they provide great aromas and an authentic and real aura for any wedding. They should also be in season as they may not be otherwise available for your big day. Then there is always social media to help with your choice.

However, if you want to be involved in the choice of your flowers from start to finish, you should begin with your theme. If your theme is elegant and sublime, with a touch of class, any white or light hues of flowers will match this. Of course, elegance does not mean you cannot have color thrown in, but it should be minimal.

Remember that your wedding flower arrangements should have a personal touch, and these are the flowers that will show up in your photographs. The guide below will help you make your wedding, and the flowers in it, something that memories are made of!

Not Just One Kind

Where flower arrangements are concerned, you should ideally think of more than a single flower at your wedding. A list of flowers for wedding bliss is easy enough to find on the internet, but knowing what goes well together is of the essence.

If you still want a simple look, you can try a combination of two different types that match well. Although choosing single flower species may cost less, you should, to add a little style, go with more than a single flower variety. Accentuating your arrangement with a little greenery keeps your bouquets looking fresh and natural.

If you want a full look, you may think of two or more large blooms. When you consider some flowers, like hydrangea, for instance, a single kind can look pretty, as these are bunches of small blooms on single stems, making flowers look bold. To add variety, you may have single bold flowers, but in different colors.

Think Simple

Any wedding flowers list will have a range for you to choose from. However, it is all up to you in the end. Several planners like to suggest a simple look, as this tends to be very stylish. Of course, if you have a theme that demands too much formality, you may want a more bold decor.

However, a few small blooms in small containers interspersed throughout your venue look quaint. You can have a single bold arrangement on the main head table, which will offset the small arrangements. This is great for your guest tables too.

The Color Counts

Just because you use more color doesn’t mean you are too brash in your choices of wedding flowers. In fact, a bright hue mixed with plainer shades makes your bouquet and arrangements stand out. Colors look stunning, and if you have a simple gown, your own bouquet may be flowers in a sunset hue to offset it.

The colors of 2022, when choosing wedding flowers, are bright and rich. You can get anything from vibrant blue periwinkle to vivid red chrysanthemum. Attitudes of weddings for this year are far from dull, as everyone wants a show of spirit after the long “at-home” hiatus! Consequently, you should think of vibrancy and life and select your theme so it goes with a colorful backdrop.

Consider the Budget and Supplier

Yes, the budget is boring but important. A wedding flowers guide would be incomplete without thinking of the boring stuff. You need a reliable supplier who sees that your deliveries are on time and your flowers are the freshest ever. You may not find certain blooms cost-effective and will need to make some compromises if you are on a tight budget. Your budget is the first thing to start with and work from there.

Finally, Choose the Flowers

In your wedding flowers list, you need to think of your theme, budget, and any other aspects of importance. Here are some ideas based on the theme you are looking for, with hints about colors to pick as well:

  • Boho Chic – Dried flowers and palms give a rustic look.
  • Contemporary and Modern – Have any Iris variety and eucalyptus sprigs thrown in for the arrangements. Roses can fit into any theme, but you can think of sunflowers and chrysanthemums too.
  • Elegance and Old-world Charm – Roses are the favorite for an elegant and classic look. You can also never go wrong with carnations and lilies. With lilies, you can have accents of other lily colors thrown in, and they smell divine too.